Runtime Container Security

Protecting containers takes a sophisticated solution that can scale as you do. The right solution must work consistently for bare-metal- and VM-deployed applications, with the same detection and protection logic, alert prioritizations, automated response rules, and compliance enforcement policies.

The Capsule8 Difference

Capsule8 finds and stops unwanted activity on Linux systems that jeopardizes your containerized environments. Our detection is crafted with the threat models of containers in mind and pinpoints workloads, not just hosts. Capsule8’s team includes some of the most active researchers in container escapology. To continually test our product’s container protection, we actively develop new container escape exploits for Linux kernel vulnerabilities.

Capsule8 also allows you to create custom policies leveraging container metadata, so you can extend Capsule8’s protection to meet the concerns of your unique environments.

Detecting Container Escapes

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How Capsule8 Protects Containerized Environments
An Exercise in Practical Container Escapology