Runtime Container Security

Containerized environments offer serious scalability at a rapid pace. Modern enterprises leveraging containers need a security solution that can scale just as rapidly. But for most organizations the move to containerization will take time, so the right security solution must work for bare metal and virtual machines as well. With Capsule8, enterprises gain the right detection and protection logic, alert prioritization, automated response, and compliance-enforcement policies with a single high-performance protection platform that works across the entire Linux production environment.

The Challenge

As you’re moving to containers, you need controls that are built to protect containers without breaking them. Legacy IDS, FIM, and AV tools are not only ineffective, they simply won’t work in containerized environments. You need an incredibly lightweight agent which can protect a container with a sub-second lifespan or one that persists for hours or days. You’ll need a solution which can protect thousands of containers running concurrently and additionally has the ability to automatically manage an attack while affording you the flexibility to determine how to respond. All the while, your business operations must continue to run smoothly.

The Capsule8 Difference

Dynamically Scaling Node Protection.

We built Capsule8 specifically with containers in mind, so container-aware is an understatement. Regardless of how quickly your cluster scales up or down, every node is under Capsule8’s protection.

Superset of IDS/IPS, FIM, and Signature Scanning.

The Capsule8 Platform can work as a replacement for a bunch of legacy security tools that would just slow down your containers, including Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), and Antivirus (AV)/Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP). Capsule8 gives you those tools’ key capabilities (and then some), with the addition of real-time protection (even across the most complex, distributed, and heterogeneous environments), improved visibility, and transparency and accountability in reporting. By obtaining the right data instead of all the data from production systems, Capsule8 applies controls with more impact than legacy approaches.

Comprehensive Alerts.

You should never have to guess how an attacker got into your production system. Capsule8 will show you the process lineage, privilege transitions, process renaming details (among others) and will identify which containers are impacted. You’ll be able to trace the details of an attack’s kill chain from end-to-end.

Product Overview

Capsule8 is the industry’s only real-time, zero-day exploit detection platform purpose-built for Linux production systems in hybrid environments – whether multicloud, containerized, virtualized or bare metal.