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Capsule8 Investigations Quick Start with AWS Athena
Make It Work: The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and How to Put It Into Practice
MITRE ATT&CK is quickly becoming the de facto framework for security teams to strengthen their defenses — but with a constantly changing attack surface, especially when it comes to modern cloud infrastructure, how do you move beyond the theoretical to actually put it into practice? Join Brandon Edwards, chief scientist at Capsule8, and guest speaker […]
Deciphering Cryptominers with Capsule8
In this roundtable webinar, Decipher’s Dennis Fisher and Fahmida Rashid are joined by Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge for an in-depth conversation on cryptomining’s emergence and what it means for cryptojacking as a threat consideration for businesses.
The Changing Security Landscape in a Cloud-Native Era
Join Capsule8, Obsidian Security, and Signal Sciences as we discuss the major cloud-native security challenges organizations face and the opportunities to meet them.
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TAG Cyber: Interview with John Viega
TAG Cyber sits down with Capsule8 CEO John Viega to discuss how Capsule8 secures Linux production environments.
How Capsule8 Secures Production Linux Environments
Capsule8 protects high-performance Linux production environments – whether containerized, virtualized or bare-metal. The Capsule8 Protect platform detects and stops attacks in real-time, here’s how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50ucW5UW9Bs&feature=emb_title
Between Two Kernels: Halvar Flake
Kelly chats with Halvar Flake, former Project Zero team member at Google and Co-Founder of optimyze. The two get philosophical about vendor tag lines, characterize his new start-up with buzzwords, and the differences between automation in offensive and defensive security work.   
Between Two Kernels: Allan Alford
Kelly chats with CISO Allan Alford about being the most hated man in his organization, the three biggest mistakes of his life, and which infosec category he would date, marry, and kill.  
Between Two Kernels: Art Coviello
Kelly catches up with Art Coviello at the 2019 RSA Conference talking about how he’d use the Infinity Gauntlet for the cybersecurity industry, infosec start ups and acquisitions, and how it feels to be Founder of the most hated information security conference.  
Capsule8 How It Works Video
Capsule8 Overview: What We Do
Learn what problems Capsule8 solves and how it can ease the burden on SecOps teams and provide visibility and security for Linux production infrastructure.
RSA Innovation Sandbox 2019
Watch CEO and Co-Founder John Viega’s RSA Innovation Sandbox presentation as a top 10 finalist at the 2019 RSA Conference.
Compliance and A False Sense of Security
Understand in depth the unique challenges of compliance in this new cloud-native world, as well as share best practices for not only meeting compliance standards, but truly protecting your production environment.
Doing DevSecOps Right: Implementation & the Metrics that Matter
Join Amy DeMartine and Kelly Shortridge, vice president of product strategy at Capsule8, to learn not only how to implement DevSecOps, but also the KPIs and metrics you should measure to make sure your company is continuously reducing risk.
Resilient Infrastructure
Digging Down into Resilient Infrastructure
During our 20/20 webcast Resilience is not futile, we discussed the importance of building resilience into your security program. As we continue our discussion on cyber resilience, we’ll take a deeper dive into determining your resilience, looking at what components constitute a resilient framework and how to measure if your framework is making an impact. […]
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Resilience is Not Futile
Not every company is able to survive a breach or disaster. Poor planning, such as having your server backups in the same general area as your data center after an earthquake or flood, or a poorly defined incident response plan could lead to a company not being able to restore their systems after a breach […]
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A Look Back at Attacks in 2018
Join Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Capsule8, Brandon Edwards for a review of the worst vulnerabilities and breaches of 2018 and a discussion of what lies ahead.
The Long Tail of Zero Day Attacks
This webcast takes a look at how companies are still fighting the battle of zero days disclosed months or even years ago, the fallacy of the patch, and why continued detection is important.
KubeCon How To Prevent Attacks at Scale on Cloud-Native Environments
KubeCon Encore: How To Prevent Attacks At Scale on Cloud-Native Environments
One of the biggest implementation challenges of the cloud-native world of Linux, containers, and microservices is making sure they are secure, but no matter how sure you are, there will be a breach. As we’ve seen time and again with zero-day exploits and incomplete patches on base OSs, there must be a Plan B. Following […]
Attacking Kubernetes: Live Security Attacks with Dino Dai Zovi Video
Attacking Kubernetes – Live Security Attacks with Dino Dai Zovi
In this lightning talk, Dino Dai Zovi, CTO at Capsule8, demos some live security attacks against containers running in Kubernetes deployments to illustrate what really needs to be defended against. Watch now. 
Securing Cloud-Native Environments: An Interview with Dino Dai Zovi Video
Securing Cloud-Native Environments: An Interview with Dino Dai Zovi
Capsule8 CEO & Co-Founder Dino Dai Zovi chats with Ed Amoroso of TAG Cyber Media about Capsule8, what we mean by “attack disruption” and challenges in cloud-native security. Watch the video. 
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