cloud native security summit
18 Sep /18

Cloud Native Security Summit

The Cloud Native Security Summit is a one-day, exclusive event hosted by Capsule8, Duo, and Signal Sciences, that will bring together senior security practitioners and industry innovators to discuss the …

FS-ISAC Annual Summit
20 May /18

FS-ISAC Annual Summit

Come see Capsule8 in action at the FS-ISAC Annual Summit, the only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the global financial services sector. We’ll be located in …

RSAC 2018
18 Apr /18

Dino Dai Zovi at RSA: Continuous Security: Securing DevOps and Cloud-Native Environments

The explosive growth of the cloud has transformed how software is developed, deployed and managed. Are you ready to secure this new world? This panel, moderated by Dino Dai Zovi, …

Headshot of John Viega
07 Dec /17

John Viega at SVB & PWC Cybersecurity Breakfast: Encryption & Eggs

Silicon Valley Bank and PwC are bringing together a panel of experts to discuss best practices to ensure your cybersecurity procedures are up to the requirements of strategic partners. Leading the discussion …

Headshot of Dino Dai
07 Dec /17

Dino Dai Zovi at KubeCon: Preventing Attacks at Scale

Security hardening for containers, clusters, and operating systems is a very important part of setting up infrastructure and always “Plan A”. The world of “Plan A” defends the importance of …

Black Hat Webcast: Scaling Security Operations by Securing DevOps and Automating SecOps
05 Oct /17

Black Hat Webcast: Scaling Security Operations by Securing DevOps and Automating SecOps

As your organization’s environment grows, the effort to properly secure it grows. Every new employee, networked machine, Internet-hosted SaaS solution, line of custom application code, and Smart Whatever increases your …

Headshot of Dino Dai
04 Oct /17

Dino Dai Zovi at O’Reilly Velocity

In this session, Dino will co-present with Jess Frazelle of Google on what it means to have an open source project at a company. What differs between small projects and large? …

Dino Dai Zovi at Black Hat
27 Jul /17

Dino Dai Zovi at Black Hat 2017

Datacenter Orchestration Security and Insecurity: Assessing Kubernetes Mesos and Docker at Scale Your datacenter isn’t a bunch of computers, it is *a* computer. While some large organizations have over a …