AWS re:Invent
November 16, 2018
AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. The event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to more than 2,000 technical sessions, a partner expo, after-hours events, and so much more. The Capsule8 team will be in attendance and if you are interested in […]
Spectre and Meltdown | The Data Science Approach
October 5, 2018
Data science in cybersecurity is rapidly growing. At Capsule8, we in data science work in tandem with the security research team to collaborate on state of the art detection models against the latest threats. Now in machine learning, we all know that feature engineering is the secret sauce. The advantage for us here, given the […]
Webinar – Climbing Toward Automation: The SOC Hierarchy of Needs
September 27, 2018
An ineffective Security Operations Center (SOC) puts the security of your entire organization in jeopardy. Your SOC is under attack, facing a constant barrage of data that makes it nearly impossible to keep up with alerts or respond to them appropriately.  This live webcast introduces The SOC Hierarchy of Needs — breaking down five key […]
The State of Cloud-Native Security
September 20, 2018
Capsule8, Duo, and Signal Sciences conducted a survey with 486 IT leaders to better understand the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities of the ongoing shift toward cloud native applications in Production Environments. Download the report now.
The Essential Guide to Cloud-Native Security
August 13, 2018
Modern detection engineering requires the adoption of engineering principles to security analysis. In a cloud native system, this practice becomes existentially critical — without it, security detection will be untenable.
Docker Security 101: Key Considerations
August 8, 2018
Docker and containers bring true platform independence, agility, and flexibility to running applications. As the industry moves toward microservices, containers, and cloud-native environments, container and Docker security will be taking on an increasingly prominent position in an organization’s security posture.
Preparing for Zero-Day Attacks
July 24, 2018
Are you one of the 42% of organizations that reported an attack on their hybrid environment in the last year? Discover how you can detect and instantly disrupt attacks in the production environment before they take hold.
Preparing for Zero-Day Attacks
July 24, 2018
Are you one of the 42% of organizations that reported an attack on their hybrid environment in the last year? Discover how you can detect and instantly disrupt attacks in the production environment before they take hold.
cloud native security summit
Cloud Native Security Summit
July 10, 2018
The Cloud Native Security Summit is a one-day, exclusive event hosted by Capsule8, Duo, and Signal Sciences, that will bring together senior security practitioners and industry innovators to discuss the changing security requirements for the cloud-native world. The acceleration of the cloud adoption, the migration from monolith to microservice, and the embracing of DevOps is bringing […]
FS-ISAC Annual Summit
FS-ISAC Annual Summit
May 15, 2018
Come see Capsule8 in action at the FS-ISAC Annual Summit, the only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the global financial services sector. We’ll be located in the Startup Garage, a new interactive environment that provides attendees with the chance to learn more about Capsule8 and see it in action! You can […]
RSAC 2018
Dino Dai Zovi at RSA: Continuous Security: Securing DevOps and Cloud-Native Environments
March 26, 2018
The explosive growth of the cloud has transformed how software is developed, deployed and managed. Are you ready to secure this new world? This panel, moderated by Dino Dai Zovi, CTO of Capsule8,  will bring together security engineering leaders from established Silicon Valley companies steeped in modern engineering culture to discuss how they have approached […]
Detecting Spectre and Meltdown
Detecting Meltdown and Spectre
February 22, 2018
The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are wreaking havoc on the tech industry and loudly sounding an alarm that even complex, modern processors are still susceptible to big time vulnerabilities. One of the most important outcomes of this frenzy is the broadening of the conversation beyond mitigation and forcing companies critically about detection as part of their […]
Why Container Security is Such a Challenge
January 11, 2018
Container Security Why Container Security is such a Challenge The Power of Containers Containers are having a moment. They are revolutionizing the way we do application development, but, as with most new technologies, their adoption in the enterprise is (rightfully) hindered by genuine security concerns. Ultimately, containers can bring huge security benefits not found in […]
KubeCon How To Prevent Attacks at Scale on Cloud-Native Environments
KubeCon Encore: How To Prevent Attacks At Scale on Cloud-Native Environments
December 8, 2017
One of the biggest implementation challenges of the cloud-native world of Linux, containers, and microservices is making sure they are secure, but no matter how sure you are, there will be a breach. As we’ve seen time and again with zero-day exploits and incomplete patches on base OSs, there must be a Plan B. Following […]
Headshot of John Viega
John Viega at SVB & PWC Cybersecurity Breakfast: Encryption & Eggs
December 7, 2017
Silicon Valley Bank and PwC are bringing together a panel of experts to discuss best practices to ensure your cybersecurity procedures are up to the requirements of strategic partners. Leading the discussion on the evolving cybersecurity landscape and how to prepare your business against cybersecurity breaches will be John Viega, CEO of Capsule8, Josh Lefkowitz, CEO of Flashpoint, and […]
Making Security Operations Scale whitepaper
Making Security Operations Scale
December 6, 2017
As cyber threats continue to escalate, organizations and governments alike are facing the most critical workforce shortage of our time. The current number of experienced cybersecurity professionals is not nearly enough to satisfy the insatiable hiring demands required to keep our societies safe. We are woefully short-handed in defending against increasingly sophisticated threats. To meet […]
Headshot of Dino Dai
Dino Dai Zovi at KubeCon: Preventing Attacks at Scale
October 27, 2017
Security hardening for containers, clusters, and operating systems is a very important part of setting up infrastructure and always “Plan A”. The world of “Plan A” defends the importance of making sure your cluster is set up securly. Dino comes from the world of “Plan B” and will focus on detecting when security boundaries have […]
Attacking Kubernetes: Live Security Attacks with Dino Dai Zovi Video
Attacking Kubernetes – Live Security Attacks with Dino Dai Zovi
October 2, 2017
In this lightning talk, Dino Dai Zovi, CTO at Capsule8, demos some live security attacks against containers running in Kubernetes deployments to illustrate what really needs to be defended against. Watch now. 
Black Hat Webcast: Scaling Security Operations by Securing DevOps and Automating SecOps
Black Hat Webcast: Scaling Security Operations by Securing DevOps and Automating SecOps
September 26, 2017
As your organization’s environment grows, the effort to properly secure it grows. Every new employee, networked machine, Internet-hosted SaaS solution, line of custom application code, and Smart Whatever increases your organization’s attack surface. If all infrastructure were 100% identical, the effort required to secure it would decrease as procedures and processes become more streamlined. This […]
Securing Cloud-Native Environments: An Interview with Dino Dai Zovi Video
Securing Cloud-Native Environments: An Interview with Dino Dai Zovi
September 22, 2017
Capsule8 CEO & Co-Founder Dino Dai Zovi chats with Ed Amoroso of TAG Cyber Media about Capsule8, what we mean by “attack disruption” and challenges in cloud-native security. Watch the video. 
Headshot of Dino Dai
Dino Dai Zovi at O’Reilly Velocity
August 18, 2017
In this session, Dino will co-present with Jess Frazelle of Google on what it means to have an open source project at a company. What differs between small projects and large? How can you separate the concerns and feature requests of a company with that of a community? What benefits can a company gain from having a healthy […]
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