Argyle CISO Leadership Forum
Capsule8 will be at the Argyle CISO Leadership Forum. Our CEO, John Viega, will be leading a talk at the event that you won’t want to miss. Plus, stop by our table to learn more information on how we can help you secure your production environment.
Blackstone Portfolio CISO Summit
Capsule8 CEO, John Viega, will be at the Blackstone Portfolio CISO Summit to help company CISOs learn how to better protect their production environments.
Deciphering Cryptominers with Capsule8
In this roundtable webinar, Decipher’s Dennis Fisher and Fahmida Rashid are joined by Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge for an in-depth conversation on cryptomining’s emergence and what it means for cryptojacking as a threat consideration for businesses.
Capsule8 will be on NYU’s campus for CSAW’19. Come and stop by our booth at the Industry Fair on November 8th!
Velocity Conference
Catch Capsule8 VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge presenting her talk “Controlled Chaos: The inevitable marriage of DevOps & Security” at the Velocity Conference in Berlin this November.
The Changing Security Landscape in a Cloud-Native Era
Join Capsule8, Obsidian Security, and Signal Sciences as we discuss the major cloud-native security challenges organizations face and the opportunities to meet them.
Hacktivity IT Security Festival 2019
Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge will be a keynote speaker at this year’s event, which brings together people from all over the world to learn more about the latest trends in cybersecurity.
Retooling Cybersecurity Programs for the Cloud-first Era
Because lines of business are going directly to the cloud, cybersecurity and IT teams are losing control over both the administration and security of cloud-delivered applications. This decoupling, in which the consumer of the cloud service is administering its use, means that security teams are losing centralized visibility and control over the data assets associated […]
Understanding Indicators of Attack vs Compromise
Understanding Indicators of Attack vs Compromise It’s the choice between stopping an attack before it gets in or detecting a compromise after it affects your company There are two main methods of detection in the security marketplace—Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC). The two methods approach detection in vastly different ways.  In […]
Capsule8 for HIPAA Compliance
Capsule8 Protect is a single platform that addresses HIPAA requirements in such areas as File Access Monitoring, Anti-Virus (AV), intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for healthcare organizations with a Linux production infrastructure, whether containerized, virtualized or bare-metal.
FutureCon Orange County
Capsule8 would love to meet up with you at FutureCon Orange County. If you’re there, be sure to stop by and check us out!
Presidio’s Red Sky Security Conference
Capsule8 is headed to Denver for the Red Sky Security Conference. Members of the team will be available to network and talk more about Capsule8. Come stop by!
Cloud-Native Security Summit 2019
An invitation-only event bringing together a small group of senior IT and security execs to discuss the challenges and advancements in cloud-native security. Request an invitation today!
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TAG Cyber: Interview with John Viega
TAG Cyber sits down with Capsule8 CEO John Viega to discuss how Capsule8 secures Linux production environments.
How Capsule8 Secures Production Linux Environments
Capsule8 protects high-performance Linux production environments – whether containerized, virtualized or bare-metal. The Capsule8 Protect platform detects and stops attacks in real-time, here’s how.
Black Hat Security Leaders VIP Party 2019
Come join the Capsule8 team @ Eyecandy and enjoy food, music and a full open bar.  We expect to hit capacity so don’t hesitate – get on the list now!
Between Two Kernels: Halvar Flake
Kelly chats with Halvar Flake, former Project Zero team member at Google and Co-Founder of optimyze. The two get philosophical about vendor tag lines, characterize his new start-up with buzzwords, and the differences between automation in offensive and defensive security work.   
Between Two Kernels: Allan Alford
Kelly chats with CISO Allan Alford about being the most hated man in his organization, the three biggest mistakes of his life, and which infosec category he would date, marry, and kill.  
Between Two Kernels: Art Coviello
Kelly catches up with Art Coviello at the 2019 RSA Conference talking about how he’d use the Infinity Gauntlet for the cybersecurity industry, infosec start ups and acquisitions, and how it feels to be Founder of the most hated information security conference.  
Capsule8 How It Works Video
Capsule8 Overview: What We Do
Learn what problems Capsule8 solves and how it can ease the burden on SecOps teams and provide visibility and security for Linux production infrastructure.
RSA Innovation Sandbox 2019
Watch CEO and Co-Founder John Viega’s RSA Innovation Sandbox presentation as a top 10 finalist at the 2019 RSA Conference.
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