Data Connectors Seattle
Capsule8 will have a virtual booth at Data Connectors Seattle. Stop by to learn how we are helping protect enterprise Linux.
Data Connectors Philadelphia
Capsule8 will have a virtual booth at Data Connectors Philadelphia. Stop by to learn more about how we are protecting enterprise Linux.
Capsule8 Architecture Overview
Learn how Capsule8’s operations-friendly architecture supports the speed, stability, and scalability that operations teams require while protecting enterprise Linux infrastructure.
Between 2 Kernels: Joel Fulton – E06
Things get a bit macabre in our latest episode of B2K featuring reformed CISO Joel Fulton. The two talk about the problem with products, how being a CISO is like living in a survival horror role playing game, and how a golf course is a metaphor for pursuing security. Video Transcript Kelly Shortridge: Welcome […]
How Capsule8 Protects Containerized Environments
To protect containers as they operate in production, you need modern enterprise infrastructure protection. Capsule8 provides detection and resilience for Linux systems in any environment, including cloud-native systems – from cloud computing, orchestrators, to container runtimes such as Docker, containerd, and CRI-O.
Rant: Security Teams Are Friends Not FUD
Security professionals expect their non-security colleagues to trust them and heed their advice. Yet their everyday practices often undermine any sense of trust and, well, security. From running phishing drills that cross the line from realistic to traumatic, to rolling out tools that break business-critical workflows (and uptime), it can be tough for security teams […]
Cloud Security eSummit
Capsule8 will be at CyberRisk Alliance’s Cloud Security eSummit! At the virtual summit, Technical Evangelist, Kat Sweet, will be presenting on SecOps and DevSecOps. We also will have a virtual booth that attendees can visit. Be sure to check it out!
Between 2 Kernels: Sounil Yu – E05
Sounil Yu lays out his framework for thinking about all variety of subjects on the latest episode of Between 2 Kernels with Kelly Shortridge. The two cover his sentiments on useless security products, AI-enabled quantum trust, and giving 3 year olds automatic weapons. Video Transcript Kelly Shortridge: Welcome to Between Two Kernels. I am […]
Container Escape Demo
Watch a video demo of Capsule8 Protect in action detecting a container escape exploit.
Between 2 Kernels: Ian Coldwater – E04
Video Transcript Kelly Shortridge: Welcome to another edition of Between Two Kernels. Today’s guest is Ian Coldwater, who has that one secret trick that means that containers hate them. Welcome, Ian. Ian Coldwater: Thank you. Kelly Shortridge: You’re welcome. Ian Coldwater: Really appreciate being here. Kelly Shortridge: So there’s a really big debate that happens […]
2020 DC Chaos Engineering Event – Chaos Engineering in Practice
We are cosponsoring this year’s 2020 DC Chaos Engineering Event in DC along with Rally Health, Verica and Trustr. Kelly Shortridge, our VP of Product Strategy, will also be the Opening Speaker at this year’s event.
EDR for Linux Production Systems
A guide to specific security considerations for protecting Linux VMs, containers, and bare-metal servers. You should keep them in mind as you work toward making your enterprise Linux more secure.
RSA 2020 – Meet with the Capsule8 Team
RSA Conference 2020 See Our Enterprise Linux Protection in Action Learn how Capsule8 is providing detection and resiliency for Linux infrastructure in any environment. Request a Meeting The Capsule8 team is heading to RSA 2020 and would love to give you a demo of our product, Capsule8 Protect. With Capsule8 Protect you can immediately detect […]
MITRE ATT&CK Framework Q&A with Forrester Research
Following a successful webcast, Capsule8 commissioned Forrester to share insights into the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Josh Zelonis, principal analyst, provides Forrester’s analysis in the following Q&A.
CPX 360 Vienna
Heading to Vienna, Austria for CPX 360? Be sure to stop by the Capsule8 booth to learn more and talk to the team!
Data Connectors Houston
Capsule8 will have a table at Data Connectors Houston! To learn more about us, stop by and meet with the team.
CPX 360 New Orleans
The Capsule8 team will be at CPX 360 in New Orleans! Come stop by our booth to learn more.
FutureCon Atlanta
Capsule8 is a sponsor at FutureCon Atlanta! If you want to learn how to protect your Linux production environment, stop by our booth at the event.
A Compendium of Container Escapes – Black Hat 2019
Learn the how and why container escapes work, starting from a brief intro to what makes a process a container, and then spanning the gamut of escape techniques, covering exposed orchestrators, access to the Docker socket, exposed mount points, /proc, all the way down to overwriting/exploiting the kernel structures to leave the confines of the […]
Capsule8 Investigations Quick Start with AWS Athena
Make It Work: The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and How to Put It Into Practice
MITRE ATT&CK is quickly becoming the de facto framework for security teams to strengthen their defenses — but with a constantly changing attack surface, especially when it comes to modern cloud infrastructure, how do you move beyond the theoretical to actually put it into practice? Join Brandon Edwards, chief scientist at Capsule8, and guest speaker […]
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