Why Container Security is Such a Challenge
January 11, 2018
Container Security Why Container Security is such a Challenge The Power of Containers Containers are having a moment. They are revolutionizing the way we do application development, but, as with most new technologies, their adoption in the enterprise is (rightfully) hindered by genuine security concerns. Ultimately, containers can bring huge security benefits not found in […]
Making Security Operations Scale whitepaper
Making Security Operations Scale
December 6, 2017
As cyber threats continue to escalate, organizations and governments alike are facing the most critical workforce shortage of our time. The current number of experienced cybersecurity professionals is not nearly enough to satisfy the insatiable hiring demands required to keep our societies safe. We are woefully short-handed in defending against increasingly sophisticated threats. To meet […]
Nine Reasons Why the Death of the Security Appliance Is Inevitable
July 24, 2017
Most security organizations are used to appliances being the workhorse for their protection needs. Indeed, the major security vendors today tend to have huge appliance businesses, including the old titans (e.g., Symantec and McAfee) and the new titans (e.g., Palo Alto and FireEye). As crucial as security appliances are today, they are eventually going to die […]
Time to Blow Up the SOC?
July 24, 2017
Thirty-seven percent of SOCs faced more than 10,000 alerts per day and more than half of those were false positives, which can easily cost organizations thousands of wasted hour and millions of wasted dollars every year. Realistically, many “true positives” are for events with incredibly low value, such as reconnaissance scans. Most scans don’t turn […]
Sock the SOC Infographic Security Alert Fatuge
Time to Sock the SOC?
July 24, 2017
Your Security Operations Center (SOC) is barraged with so many alerts that your team may be shell shocked into believing that they are under a constant and unmanageable assault. Indeed, they are under siege – from a constant barrage of data. Alert fatigue is not just some industry buzz phrase – it’s a very real […]
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