Capsule8 Protect for Serverless
Capsule8 Protect secures your serverless workloads by enumerating serverless containers and functions specific threat models while enabling you to enforce desired security and compliance configurations at runtime.
Capsule8 Product Overview
Capsule8 Protect is an enterprise infrastructure protection solution that stops attacks on Linux systems. It enables teams to immediately detect unwanted activity, gain systems resilience to support operations, and uphold security across all environments.
Capsule8’s FedRAMP Capabilities
Supporting your Federal Risk and Authorization Program (FedRAMP) projects with enterprise Linux infrastructure protection in any environment at any scale.
Capsule8 Architecture Overview
Learn how Capsule8’s operations-friendly architecture supports the speed, stability, and scalability that operations teams require while protecting enterprise Linux infrastructure.
How Capsule8 Protects Containerized Environments
To protect containers as they operate in production, you need modern enterprise infrastructure protection. Capsule8 provides detection and resilience for Linux systems in any environment, including cloud-native systems – from cloud computing, orchestrators, to container runtimes such as Docker, containerd, and CRI-O.
Capsule8 for HIPAA Compliance
Capsule8 Protect is a single platform that addresses HIPAA requirements in such areas as File Access Monitoring, Anti-Virus (AV), intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for healthcare organizations with a Linux production infrastructure, whether containerized, virtualized or bare-metal.
Capsule8 Protect for File Integrity Monitoring
File integrity monitoring (FIM) is an important tool for you to monitor changes to critical systems, configuration and content files within your enterprise. Learn how Capsule8 Protect takes care of all the compliance issues your current FIM solution handles and adds key security capabilities.
An Overview of Capsule8 for Operations
Read this primer to understand how Capsule8 has been architected to alleviate and mitigate concerns raised by operations stakeholders charged with optimizing the performance of production infrastructure.
Capsule8 for PCI Compliance
As businesses look to comply and, more importantly, protect cardholder data across Linux-based environments whether in the data center or cloud, Capsule8 delivers. Download this Solutions Brief to learn how Capsule8 satisfies PCI DSS requirements.
Demo: Detection Capabilities of Capsule8 Protect
Learn how Capsule8 Protect delivers the right kind of data, at the right time – for each stage in an attack’s lifecycle. Because we’re detecting attacks from multiple vantage points within the system, we detect evidence of exploitation as soon as it happens — and help our customers stop the attack from progressing.
Capsule8’s Attack Detection Methods
Gain technical insight into Capsule8’s design philosophy behind detection methods as well as insight into the differences between kernel-level, userland, file system, and network detection methods.