Capsule8 Protect for Serverless
Capsule8 Protect secures your serverless workloads by enumerating serverless containers and functions specific threat models while enabling you to enforce desired security and compliance configurations at runtime.
Deciphering SOC 2 Compliance in Cloud-Native Environments
Organizations with SOC 2 accreditation are at a significant competitive advantage to win and maintain customers; however, those that want to move to cloud-native applications may struggle to discuss these cloud principles. This white paper discusses: How to  define an explicit compliance narrative to describe your IT systems from the outside What a SOC 2 […]
Attacks on Infrastructure & Why It’s Important to Secure Linux
Gartner – A CIO’s Guide to Serverless Computing
Cloud Native Security Summit
Infrastructure Security: Doing More with Serverless
Privacy, Data Security & Compliance with Cynthia Burke
Southern California Virtual Cybersecurity Summit
Capsule8 Security Strategist Jason Madey will be presenting “Discovering Threats In The Age of Transformation” as well as speaking on a panel discussing, “DevOps Security and the Cloud.” Be sure to stop by the Capsule8 booth in the Solutions Showcase!  
For Security Teams, Closing Cloud Security Woes Means Adopting New Approaches
Over the past few years, security teams have been faced with the demands brought about by the widespread adoption of cloud environments for infrastructure. As they look at how to prioritize their efforts, some patterns start to emerge. To help understand these demands more, we gathered data from 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise surveys, […]
Webinar: Preparing Linux Hosts for Unexpected Threats
Webinar: Preparing Linux Hosts for Unexpected Threats Thursday, Mar 18, 2021 | 12:00 PM ET Watch On-Demand Overview: Linux has been hugely successful in the enterprise over the past few decades, partially due to the flexibility and extensibility of the operating system. This has lead to upsides and downsides. One upside: powerful instrumentation that can […]
Targeting, Exploiting, & Defending Linux
As Linux workloads continue to rise, attacks on Linux continue to increase. During this podcast our Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Brandon Edwards teams up with Security Weekly to answer: Why is targeting it different on Linux? What types of attacks are used? How can we defend against attacks on Linux? In addition to answering these […]
Linux Tracing – Do You Know What Your Servers Are Actually Doing?
There’s a whole world of system tracing, instrumentation, and profiling built into nearly every Linux system that goes untouched by most. While originally developed to help with debugging and performance tuning, the same tools can be used to provide security insights that are difficult or almost impossible to get any other way. This talk will […]
Building Operational Security in the Cloud: The Case for Partnership Between Infosec and Cloud Engineers
Following our successful webcast with 451 Research, Divided We Fail: How Security Teams Can Better Engage with DevOps, Fernando Montenegro answers questions in the video below, furthering the case for partnerships between Infosec and Cloud Engineers.
Why IDS is Ineffective for Linux Production Environments
Organizations are evolving and modernizing their production environments with technologies like cloud, microservices and containers, and are more often mixed with both cloud and on-premises infrastructure and applications. This creates a changing attack surface that conventional security solutions such as IDS simply cannot address.
Kelly Shortridge will be speaking at the February conference, taking place from the 9th-11th.
Salt Lake City/Denver Virtual Cybersecurity Summit
Capsule8’s Compliance Manager, Cynthia Burke, will be presenting her talk, “Ramping up with FedRAMP – Best practices using real-world examples for your compliance projects.” Capsule8 will also have a virtual booth.  
Capsule8 Product Overview
Capsule8 Protect is an enterprise infrastructure protection solution that stops attacks on Linux systems. It enables teams to immediately detect unwanted activity, gain systems resilience to support operations, and uphold security across all environments.
Coffee and Capsule8: Tales from the Cryptomining
If you’re curious about cryptomining and are interested in learning what it is, how folks are doing it, and how it could be impacting your organization (like that unexpected AWS bill!), join our live webcast series.
451 Research, Capsule8 Coverage Initiation
As organizations move to embrace cloud-based delivery and DevOps, the underlying compute environments shift toward Linux as a frequent execution environment. This is the space that Capsule8 aims to address with its endpoint security offering, combining an architecture optimized for Linux with features aimed at enterprise security and IT operations teams.
Exit Stage Left: Replacing Theater with Chaos
Recorded at Cloud Native Security Day 2020 Capsule8’s VP of Product Management and Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge explores how security theater leads to increased organizational friction, especially in the realm of software delivery, rather than promoting safety. She’ll contrast these dramatics with a security chaos engineering approach – one which embraces the importance of convenience, […]
Divided We Fail: How Security Teams Can Better Engage with DevOps
Join Fernando Montenegro and Kelly Shortridge as they get to the heart of the relationship between security and DevOps and share tips for CISOs to help improve their engagement.
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