Product datasheets, technical whitepapers and guides, webinars, events, and more educational resources to help you learn about securing production Linux environments.


Between 2 Kernels: Sounil Yu – E05

Sounil Yu lays out his framework for thinking about all variety of subjects on the latest episode of Between 2 Kernels with Kelly Shortridge. The two cover his sentiments on …

Kelly Rants About Resilience

Join us on Tuesday, March 31st for a live webinar exploring how practical implementations of resilience ideology for defensive security should look and why these strategies have a fighting chance …

Between 2 Kernels: Ian Coldwater – E04

Video Transcript Kelly Shortridge: Welcome to another edition of Between Two Kernels. Today’s guest is Ian Coldwater, who has that one secret trick that means that containers hate them. Welcome, …

21 Apr /20

2020 DC Chaos Engineering Event – Chaos Engineering in Practice

We are cosponsoring this year’s 2020 DC Chaos Engineering Event in DC along with Rally Health, Verica and Trustr. Kelly Shortridge, our VP of Product Strategy, will also be the …

EDR for Linux Production Systems

A guide to specific security considerations for protecting Linux VMs, containers, and bare-metal servers. You should keep them in mind as you work toward making your enterprise Linux more secure.

24 Feb /20

RSA 2020 – Meet with the Capsule8 Team

RSA Conference 2020 See Our Enterprise Linux Protection in Action Learn how Capsule8 is providing detection and resiliency for Linux infrastructure in any environment. Request a Meeting The Capsule8 team …

MITRE ATT&CK Framework Q&A with Forrester Research

Following a successful webcast, Capsule8 commissioned Forrester to share insights into the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Josh Zelonis, principal analyst, provides Forrester’s analysis in the following Q&A.

04 Feb /20

CPX 360 Vienna

Heading to Vienna, Austria for CPX 360? Be sure to stop by the Capsule8 booth to learn more and talk to the team!

23 Jan /20

Data Connectors Houston

Capsule8 will have a table at Data Connectors Houston! To learn more about us, stop by and meet with the team.

27 Jan /20

CPX 360 New Orleans

The Capsule8 team will be at CPX 360 in New Orleans! Come stop by our booth to learn more.

15 Jan /20

FutureCon Atlanta

Capsule8 is a sponsor at FutureCon Atlanta! If you want to learn how to protect your Linux production environment, stop by our booth at the event.

A Compendium of Container Escapes – Black Hat 2019

Learn the how and why container escapes work, starting from a brief intro to what makes a process a container, and then spanning the gamut of escape techniques, covering exposed …

Make It Work: The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and How to Put It Into Practice

MITRE ATT&CK is quickly becoming the de facto framework for security teams to strengthen their defenses — but with a constantly changing attack surface, especially when it comes to modern …

16 Dec /19

DevSecOps Days

Capsule8’s Technical Evangelist, Kat Sweet, will be speaking at DevSecOps Days Austin, Texas! Join her and fellow practitioners integrating security into their DevOps practices. Learn and share insights on automating …

02 Dec /19

AWS re:Invent 2019

AWS re:Invent 2019 Meet with the Capsule8 Team in Las Vegas Request a Meeting Swing by Our Booth at the Show If you’re interested in learning more about how we …

18 Nov /19

KubeCon | CloudNativeCon North America

KubeCon | CloudNativeConNorth America 2019 Meet with the Capsule8 Team in San Diego Schedule a Meeting Swing by our Booth on the Show Floor Members of the Capsule8 team will …

13 Nov /19

Argyle CISO Leadership Forum

Capsule8 will be at the Argyle CISO Leadership Forum. Our CEO, John Viega, will be leading a talk at the event that you won’t want to miss. Plus, stop by …

06 Nov /19

Blackstone Portfolio CISO Summit

Capsule8 CEO, John Viega, will be at the Blackstone Portfolio CISO Summit to help company CISOs learn how to better protect their production environments.

Deciphering Cryptominers with Capsule8

In this roundtable webinar, Decipher’s Dennis Fisher and Fahmida Rashid are joined by Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge for an in-depth conversation on cryptomining’s emergence and what it means for cryptojacking as …

06 Nov /19


Capsule8 will be on NYU’s campus for CSAW’19. Come and stop by our booth at the Industry Fair on November 8th!

04 Nov /19

Velocity Conference

Catch Capsule8 VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge presenting her talk “Controlled Chaos: The inevitable marriage of DevOps & Security” at the Velocity Conference in Berlin this November.

The Changing Security Landscape in a Cloud-Native Era

Join Capsule8, Obsidian Security, and Signal Sciences as we discuss the major cloud-native security challenges organizations face and the opportunities to meet them.

25 Oct /19

Hacktivity IT Security Festival 2019

Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge will be a keynote speaker at this year’s event, which brings together people from all over the world to learn more about the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Retooling Cybersecurity Programs for the Cloud-first Era

Because lines of business are going directly to the cloud, cybersecurity and IT teams are losing control over both the administration and security of cloud-delivered applications. This decoupling, in which …

Understanding Indicators of Attack vs Compromise

Understanding Indicators of Attack vs Compromise It’s the choice between stopping an attack before it gets in or detecting a compromise after it affects your company There are two main …

Capsule8 for HIPAA Compliance

Capsule8 Protect is a single platform that addresses HIPAA requirements in such areas as File Access Monitoring, Anti-Virus (AV), intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) …

23 Oct /19

FutureCon Orange County

Capsule8 would love to meet up with you at FutureCon Orange County. If you’re there, be sure to stop by and check us out!

09 Oct /19

Presidio’s Red Sky Security Conference

Capsule8 is headed to Denver for the Red Sky Security Conference. Members of the team will be available to network and talk more about Capsule8. Come stop by!

24 Sep /19

Cloud-Native Security Summit 2019

An invitation-only event bringing together a small group of senior IT and security execs to discuss the challenges and advancements in cloud-native security. Request an invitation today!

TAG Cyber: Interview with John Viega

TAG Cyber sits down with Capsule8 CEO John Viega to discuss how Capsule8 secures Linux production environments.

The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook: Strategies for the Enterprise

The reality for most organizations is that they are somewhere between hybrid cloud and cloud native on their cloud transformation journeys. A major roadblock for this delay is compliance – …

How Capsule8 Secures Production Linux Environments

Capsule8 protects high-performance Linux production environments – whether containerized, virtualized or bare-metal. The Capsule8 Protect platform detects and stops attacks in real-time, here’s how. Contact Sales

07 Aug /19

Black Hat Security Leaders VIP Party 2019

Come join the Capsule8 team @ Eyecandy and enjoy food, music and a full open bar.  We expect to hit capacity so don’t hesitate – get on the list now!

Between Two Kernels: Halvar Flake

Kelly chats with Halvar Flake, former Project Zero team member at Google and Co-Founder of optimyze. The two get philosophical about vendor tag lines, characterize his new start-up with buzzwords, …

Between Two Kernels: Allan Alford

Kelly chats with CISO Allan Alford about being the most hated man in his organization, the three biggest mistakes of his life, and which infosec category he would date, marry, …

Between Two Kernels: Art Coviello

Kelly catches up with Art Coviello at the 2019 RSA Conference talking about how he’d use the Infinity Gauntlet for the cybersecurity industry, infosec start ups and acquisitions, and how …

Capsule8 Overview: What We Do

Learn what problems Capsule8 solves and how it can ease the burden on SecOps teams and provide visibility and security for Linux production infrastructure.

RSA Innovation Sandbox 2019

Watch CEO and Co-Founder John Viega’s RSA Innovation Sandbox presentation as a top 10 finalist at the 2019 RSA Conference.

03 Aug /19

Black Hat

Catch Up with the Capsule8 Team at Black Hat Schedule a Meeting Our Speaking Sessions Controlled Chaos: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps & Security We’ve all heard “software is eating …

25 Jul /19

Optiv’s 2019 NorCal Golf Tournament

Capsule8 is a sponsor at the 2019 NorCal Golf Tournament hosted by Optiv. Spend a day on the links with us and other security professionals.

24 Jun /19

QCon New York

Proud to announce that our VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, will be speaking at this year’s event! This is one that you won’t want to miss.

10 Jul /19

FutureCon Detroit

Come visit the Capsule8 team at FutureCon Detroit! If you plan on attending, come stop by and say hello.

Capsule8 Protect for File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring (FIM) is an important tool for you to monitor changes to critical systems, configuration and content files within your enterprise. Learn how Capsule8 Protect takes care of …

Compliance and A False Sense of Security

Understand in depth the unique challenges of compliance in this new cloud-native world, as well as share best practices for not only meeting compliance standards, but truly protecting your production …

25 Jun /19

Happy Hour at AWS re:Inforce

Join the Capsule8 and Signal Sciences teams for a Happy Hour at Legal Harborside to kick off the inaugural AWS re:Inforce event!

Capsule8 Protect

Capsule8 Protect is the Linux protection solution that keeps production environments free of compromise while preserving the high performance and reliability on which modern organizations depend. Read our whitepaper to …

Doing DevSecOps Right: Implementation & the Metrics that Matter

Join Amy DeMartine and Kelly Shortridge, vice president of product strategy at Capsule8, to learn not only how to implement DevSecOps, but also the KPIs and metrics you should measure …

25 Jun /19

AWS re:Inforce

Catch up with the Capsule8 team at AWS re:Inforce this June at a meeting or happy hour event at this premiere event.

Driving Toward the Automated SOC

SOCs need to be empowered: boosting the accuracy of threat detection and shortening the time to response – and doing it in a scalable way that doesn’t rely on hiring …

An Overview of Capsule8 for Operations

Read this primer to understand how Capsule8 has been architected to alleviate and mitigate concerns raised by operations stakeholders charged with optimizing the performance of production infrastructure.

Capsule8 for PCI Compliance

As businesses look to comply and, more importantly, protect cardholder data across Linux-based environments whether in the data center or cloud, Capsule8 delivers. Download this Solutions Brief to learn how …

Demo: Detection Capabilities of Capsule8 Protect

Learn how Capsule8 Protect delivers the right kind of data, at the right time – for each stage in an attack’s lifecycle. Because we’re detecting attacks from multiple vantage points …

Why IDS is Ineffective for Linux Production Environments

Organizations are evolving and modernizing their production environments with technologies like cloud, microservices and containers, and are more often mixed with both cloud and on-premises infrastructure and applications. This creates …

01 May /19


ODSC East 2019 is one of the largest applied data science conferences in the world. Harini Kannan, one of Capsule8’s data scientists, will be presenting “Machine learning To Detect Cyber …

Digging Down into Resilient Infrastructure

During our 20/20 webcast Resilience is not futile, we discussed the importance of building resilience into your security program. As we continue our discussion on cyber resilience, we’ll take a …

Capsule8’s Attack Detection Methods

Gain technical insight into Capsule8’s design philosophy behind detection methods as well as insight into the differences between kernel-level, userland, file system, and network detection methods.

Resilience is Not Futile

Not every company is able to survive a breach or disaster. Poor planning, such as having your server backups in the same general area as your data center after an …

How to Detect and Mitigate Zero-Day Attacks

The recent spate of zero-day attacks, such as Meltdown and Spectre in early 2018, has put the issue of zero-day threats at the forefront for SecOps teams and security engineers. …

20 Feb /19

Container Security Summit 2019

Brandon Edwards, Capsule8 cofounder & chief scientist, will be speaking on a panel discussing Runtime Security at the Container Security Summit on February 20th. An invitation-only event at Google Parkview …

05 Mar /19

Security Leader VIP Party @ RSA Conference 2019

Join Capsule8 at the Security Leader VIP Party @ RSA Conference 2019! Hosted by Digital Shadows, we’ll have food, drinks, the hottest security vendors in the space, live music and …

04 Mar /19

RSA Conference

We’ll be in attendance at RSA this March taking meetings and hosting happy hours! Grab some time with the Capsule8 team at this premier industry event.

A Look Back at Attacks in 2018

Join Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Capsule8, Brandon Edwards for a review of the worst vulnerabilities and breaches of 2018 and a discussion of what lies ahead.

10 Dec /18

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

This event gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities for four days to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing, and we’re going …

The Long Tail of Zero Day Attacks

This webcast takes a look at how companies are still fighting the battle of zero days disclosed months or even years ago, the fallacy of the patch, and why continued …

26 Nov /18

AWS re:Invent

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. The event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to more than …

Spectre and Meltdown | The Data Science Approach

Data science in cybersecurity is rapidly growing. At Capsule8, we in data science work in tandem with the security research team to collaborate on state of the art detection models …

03 Oct /18

Webinar – Climbing Toward Automation: The SOC Hierarchy of Needs

An ineffective Security Operations Center (SOC) puts the security of your entire organization in jeopardy. Your SOC is under attack, facing a constant barrage of data that makes it nearly …

The State of Cloud-Native Security

Capsule8, Duo, and Signal Sciences conducted a survey with 486 IT leaders to better understand the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities of the ongoing shift toward cloud native applications in Production …

The Essential Guide to Cloud-Native Security

Modern detection engineering requires the adoption of engineering principles to security analysis. In a cloud native system, this practice becomes existentially critical — without it, security detection will be untenable.

Docker Security 101: Key Considerations

Docker and containers bring true platform independence, agility, and flexibility to running applications. As the industry moves toward microservices, containers, and cloud-native environments, container and Docker security will be taking …

Preparing for Zero-Day Attacks

Are you one of the 42% of organizations that reported an attack on their hybrid environment in the last year? Discover how you can detect and instantly disrupt attacks in the production …

Preparing for Zero-Day Attacks

Are you one of the 42% of organizations that reported an attack on their hybrid environment in the last year? Discover how you can detect and instantly disrupt attacks in the production …

cloud native security summit
18 Sep /18

Cloud Native Security Summit

The Cloud Native Security Summit is a one-day, exclusive event hosted by Capsule8, Duo, and Signal Sciences, that will bring together senior security practitioners and industry innovators to discuss the …

FS-ISAC Annual Summit
20 May /18

FS-ISAC Annual Summit

Come see Capsule8 in action at the FS-ISAC Annual Summit, the only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the global financial services sector. We’ll be located in …

RSAC 2018
18 Apr /18

Dino Dai Zovi at RSA: Continuous Security: Securing DevOps and Cloud-Native Environments

The explosive growth of the cloud has transformed how software is developed, deployed and managed. Are you ready to secure this new world? This panel, moderated by Dino Dai Zovi, …

Detecting Meltdown and Spectre

The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are wreaking havoc on the tech industry and loudly sounding an alarm that even complex, modern processors are still susceptible to big time vulnerabilities. One of …

Why Container Security is Such a Challenge

Container Security Why Container Security is such a Challenge The Power of Containers Containers are having a moment. They are revolutionizing the way we do application development, but, as with …

KubeCon Encore: How To Prevent Attacks At Scale on Cloud-Native Environments

One of the biggest implementation challenges of the cloud-native world of Linux, containers, and microservices is making sure they are secure, but no matter how sure you are, there will …

Headshot of John Viega
07 Dec /17

John Viega at SVB & PWC Cybersecurity Breakfast: Encryption & Eggs

Silicon Valley Bank and PwC are bringing together a panel of experts to discuss best practices to ensure your cybersecurity procedures are up to the requirements of strategic partners. Leading the discussion …

Making Security Operations Scale

As cyber threats continue to escalate, organizations and governments alike are facing the most critical workforce shortage of our time. The current number of experienced cybersecurity professionals is not nearly …

Headshot of Dino Dai
07 Dec /17

Dino Dai Zovi at KubeCon: Preventing Attacks at Scale

Security hardening for containers, clusters, and operating systems is a very important part of setting up infrastructure and always “Plan A”. The world of “Plan A” defends the importance of …

Attacking Kubernetes – Live Security Attacks with Dino Dai Zovi

In this lightning talk, Dino Dai Zovi, CTO at Capsule8, demos some live security attacks against containers running in Kubernetes deployments to illustrate what really needs to be defended against. …

Black Hat Webcast: Scaling Security Operations by Securing DevOps and Automating SecOps
05 Oct /17

Black Hat Webcast: Scaling Security Operations by Securing DevOps and Automating SecOps

As your organization’s environment grows, the effort to properly secure it grows. Every new employee, networked machine, Internet-hosted SaaS solution, line of custom application code, and Smart Whatever increases your …

Securing Cloud-Native Environments: An Interview with Dino Dai Zovi

Capsule8 CEO & Co-Founder Dino Dai Zovi chats with Ed Amoroso of TAG Cyber Media about Capsule8, what we mean by “attack disruption” and challenges in cloud-native security. Watch the …

Headshot of Dino Dai
04 Oct /17

Dino Dai Zovi at O’Reilly Velocity

In this session, Dino will co-present with Jess Frazelle of Google on what it means to have an open source project at a company. What differs between small projects and large? …

Nine Reasons Why the Death of the Security Appliance Is Inevitable

Most security organizations are used to appliances being the workhorse for their protection needs. Indeed, the major security vendors today tend to have huge appliance businesses, including the old titans (e.g., …

Time to Blow Up the SOC?

Thirty-seven percent of SOCs faced more than 10,000 alerts per day and more than half of those were false positives, which can easily cost organizations thousands of wasted hour and …

Time to Sock the SOC?

Your Security Operations Center (SOC) is barraged with so many alerts that your team may be shell shocked into believing that they are under a constant and unmanageable assault. Indeed, …

Capsule8 Product Overview

Capsule8 is the only company providing high-performance attack protection for Linux production environments – whether containerized, virtualized, or bare-metal. Capsule8 liberates SecOps from managing a high volume of manual tasks, …

Dino Dai Zovi at Black Hat
27 Jul /17

Dino Dai Zovi at Black Hat 2017

Datacenter Orchestration Security and Insecurity: Assessing Kubernetes Mesos and Docker at Scale Your datacenter isn’t a bunch of computers, it is *a* computer. While some large organizations have over a …