Webinar – Climbing Toward Automation: The SOC Hierarchy of Needs

An ineffective Security Operations Center (SOC) puts the security of your entire organization in jeopardy. Your SOC is under attack, facing a constant barrage of data that makes it nearly impossible to keep up with alerts or respond to them appropriately.  This live webcast introduces The SOC Hierarchy of Needs — breaking down five key areas — from visibility to detection to automated response — that need attention in order to develop the most efficient and effective SOC. Join guest speaker Amy DeMartine, principal analyst at Forrester and John Viega, CEO of Capsule8, to learn why your SOC may be failing and practices and technologies to put into place to help improve it.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • Why the SOC is a flawed concept and examples from real-world corporations on the inefficiencies they are facing
  • What the SOC Hierarchy of Needs is and why it’s important to shift your thinking on security
  • How to better focus your resources to make a tangible impact on security
  • Best practices to implement and new technologies to help you put them into place