Targeting, Exploiting, & Defending Linux

February 23, 2021

As Linux workloads continue to rise, attacks on Linux continue to increase. During this podcast our Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Brandon Edwards teams up with Security Weekly to answer:

  • Why is targeting it different on Linux?
  • What types of attacks are used?
  • How can we defend against attacks on Linux?

In addition to answering these questions he’ll highlight recent attacks against Sudo. Watch this video to ensure you have the appropriate coverage and understand why Linux attacks are unique and can’t be solved using windows solutions.

Targeting, Exploiting, & Defending Linux – Brandon Edwards – ASW #140

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About the Speaker
Brandon is the Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Capsule8. He is responsible for cybersecurity research strategy and for operationalizing findings into resulting innovations. Prior to Capsule8, Brandon was VP of Threat Labs at BAE Systems, having joined the company through its successful acquisition of SilverSky, where he designed their cloud-based, zero-day prevention product. He has also served as hacker-in-residence at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and held senior security roles at TippingPoint and McAfee.