Rant: Security Teams Are Friends Not FUD

Security professionals expect their non-security colleagues to trust them and heed their advice. Yet their everyday practices often undermine any sense of trust and, well, security. From running phishing drills that cross the line from realistic to traumatic, to rolling out tools that break business-critical workflows (and uptime), it can be tough for security teams to exit the cycle of asking for trust and then inadvertently breaking it.

There has never been a better time for security to take a page from Vanilla Ice and “stop, collaborate, and listen”.

How do we even begin to orchestrate this cultural shift? In this on-demand webcast, technical evangelist (and former security analyst) Kat Sweet gives a loving nudge toward building trust between security and other teams. She deconstructs some of what we’d consider “best practices” of security team relations, and explores what practical measures we can take — beyond just the nebulous “be excellent to each other” — to improve these trust relationships. Leadership, not 1337ership.