Cloud Native Security Summit

The Cloud Native Security Summit is a one-day, exclusive event hosted by Capsule8, Duo, and Signal Sciences, that will bring together senior security practitioners and industry innovators to discuss the changing security requirements for the cloud-native world.

The acceleration of the cloud adoption, the migration from monolith to microservice, and the embracing of DevOps is bringing the emergence of the cloud-native world. The enterprise now needs security practices that provide the same speed, continuity and scalability as they apps they are working to protect. The “after-thought” security mentality that has been the hallmark of cybersecurity industry for the last two decades is now being replaced with to “built-in,” continuous security model to keep pace with the cloud-native movement.

Through a series of fireside chats with some of the highest profiles CISOs out there today, and a series of pragmatic panels featuring executives and practitioners on the front lines of the cloud-native movement, this invitation-only event promises to deliver some of the most innovative thinking around security today.

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