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Protect your Linux infrastructure with detection, and response built for production systems.

Capsule8 works on any Linux system at any scale – from legacy servers to containers running in public clouds – ensuring all your enterprise infrastructure is protected.

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  • Visibility & Detection
  • Compliance
  • Incident Investigation
  • Runtime Protection
  • Single Agent
  • Extensive Performance Controls

Protect Any Mix of Cloud Native Linux Systems

Capsule8’s Protection is built for the unique threat models of production and cloud-native systems, ensuring no coverage gaps in cloud or microservices environments, and giving you consistent protection across all of your enterprise infrastructure.

Trusted by the Most Transformative Organizations.
Adedayo Adetoye Senior Manager Security Architecture and Engineering
“We wanted a comprehensive host-based intrusion detection and response system that is capable of giving us deep visibility into what is happening within our environment as well as capability to respond in a systematic way to potentially malicious behaviour.

Capsule8 provides us with a powerful set of fundamental building blocks for hardening our security posture through its standard and custom detection capabilities that we can write.”
Adam Fest Head of Security Engineering, Databricks
“Capsule8 is helping to increase alerting, monitoring, and prevention in Databricks’ platform to protect our environments. Our close collaboration with the Capsule8 team has made integrating their product painless.”