How Capsule8 Integrates with Your Workflows

Capsule8 Protect is committed to growing with your organization and supporting your continuous quest for elite software delivery performance by integrating into your toolchains for quicker alerting, triage, response, and collaboration. We work wherever you work – multi-cloud or on-prem, in virtual or containerized workloads, and any other hybrid infrastructure your organization runs.

Works on all your Linux production hosts

Most organizations today are some form of hybrid – using a multi-cloud mixture of Azure, AWS, or GCP, maintaining on-prem Linux servers, and running virtualized or containerized workloads. Capsule8 is designed to work on most Linux production hosts, no matter what form it takes. Our deployment-agnostic design means you can use Capsule8 on any stage of your transformation journey, from monoliths to microservices.

Keep using the tools you already love

Capsule8 is API-first, so our alerts can be directly piped into your organization’s favorite security and operations tools. We integrate with AWS and GCP’s storage, compute, and command centers, as well as with popular logging and SIEM tools like Splunk or ELK. Because collaboration is an essential part of the incident management process, we integrate with workplace collaboration tools such as Slack and PagerDuty, too.

Boost response productivity & creativity

With Capsule8’s alert customization, you can extend the flexibility of responses to however works for your organization – from distributed alerting to custom runbooks that trigger actions to deceive attackers. Through automated response actions that remove the need for clean-up and integration into your existing panes of glass, Capsule8 improves productivity and optimizes response workflows, freeing up your team’s time to focus on strategy rather than firefighting.

Security teams can be alerted to attacks through a simple integrations with their favorite tools, such as Slack.