Capsule8 Supports Speed, Stability, and Scalability

Support infrastructure performance with Ops-friendly architecture.

Protection built from Day One with the speed, stability, and scalability that operations teams need

Limit resource usage on CPU, memory, disk, and event rate to preserve system performance

Our distributed agent model avoids network bottlenecks, unlike cloud-based analysis solutions

Keep your Ops team happy

To meet the uptime and availability that modern enterprises require, you need protection built for enterprise infrastructure, not user endpoints. Enterprise operations teams are naturally opposed to kernel modules that generate instability, heavy resource usage that slows down hosts, and high-volume cloud-based analysis that creates network bottlenecks. Capsule8 avoids these objections through an architectural approach that means you never have to sacrifice operational performance.

Ops-friendly Architecture

Preserve system performance

Capsule8 allows you to set limits on CPU, memory, disk usage, and event rate so you can be confident your busy systems will work as desired with Capsule8 deployed. Capsule8 is designed to intelligently load shed when systems are particularly busy. When throughput exceeds a threshold rate, Capsule8 operates like a circuit breaker, reducing security data collection to maintain your host’s performance.

Stable, efficient protection

Capsule8’s agent relies on stable, mature Linux features, namely kprobes and perf, that have been in mainline Linux for roughly a decade. When kernel updates are necessary, there’s no recompiling required, unlike existing Linux security solutions that create reliability risks. To optimize for scalability and speed, Capsule8’s distributed host agent model efficiently performs analytics at the edge, rather than clogging your network like cloud-based machine learning or AI tools.

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