Detection for Linux Systems

Not and Linux…only Linux. Immediately detect threats, intrusions, and other unwanted activity in all your Linux infrastructure.

Eliminate coverage gaps in your infrastructure threat model

Detection without limits

Security built for your needs

A Team of Experts Supporting You

Your organization needs to keep its enterprise infrastructure safe, but you don’t need to have a team of experts in all things Linux, cloud computing, and containers on staff. Capsule8’s team has decades of experience in exploiting the Linux kernel and attacking Linux-based systems, including backdoors, kernel vulnerabilities, container escapes and more. As a result, we deeply understand what you need to detect to keep your enterprise systems safe.

When unwanted activity occurs, Capsule8 empowers you to quickly track down what happened, what resources were affected, and who was involved. Our alerts expose important system metadata — automatically pulling orchestrator and cloud metadata — to support quick evaluation of events, including process, container, image, pod, node, and custom metadata.

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