Capsule8 Protects Your Cloud-Native Systems

Achieve protection parity, no matter your mix of legacy and cloud-based systems.

Protection parity across your Linux infrastructure.

Detect activity inside containers, unlike traditional tools relying on kernel modules

Built for the unique threat models of cloud and microservices environments

Protect any Linux systems at any scale and speed via a decentralized host agent model

Eliminate Linux security coverage gaps

Our agent relies on stable Linux features, namely kprobes and perf, that work on any relatively modern kernel. This approach also means Capsule8’s agent can collect activity from inside containers, leaving no coverage gaps in microservices environments, in contrast to traditional tools which rely on kernel modules. Unlike existing Linux auditing solutions, which use a monolithic, global configuration, Capsule8 operates at the cgroup level. This allows you to bind different detections and policies to different control groups, and means Capsule8 lets you detect unwanted activity on a per-container basis.

Ops-friendly Architecture

Protection built for cloud-native environments

Our detection is designed to detect erosion of the isolation boundary of containers, as well as any compromise within the container itself, such as a cryptominer or a developer attempting to debug a container in production via ssh. Capsule8 collects and exposes container metadata so you can pinpoint exactly which workload is involved in an event out of potentially hundreds running on a host.

Capsule8’s team includes some of the most active researchers in container escapology, who develop new container escape exploits for Linux kernel vulnerabilities to continually test our product’s protection against zero-day exploits. We also protect against misuse of cloud metadata to impersonate infrastructure, abuse of orchestrators, and other security issues that could jeopardize your cloud-native systems.

Protection parity across your Linux infrastructure.

Broad Linux system coverage

Many organizations are already using Capsule8 across their unique infrastructure deployments and environments. We can protect your mix of enterprise Linux systems, including:


…and dozens more.

Secure any system at any scale

Capsule8 works on any system at any scale – in public or private cloud, containers or VMs, on-prem bare metal, and across different kernel versions and Linux distributions. Capsule8’s decentralized host agent model enables unrestricted scale, because analytics are efficiently performed at the edge (on the host itself). This means you don’t have to send tons of system telemetry for cloud-based analysis across your network, unlike traditional detection solutions that are built for user endpoints, not enterprise infrastructure.

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