Capsule8 Levels Up Your Enterprise Resilience

Embrace resilience in your enterprise infrastructure by stopping attacks and minimizing incident impact.

Automated Enterprise Resilience

Immediately mitigate unwanted activity and minimize blast radius via automated response actions

Expedite response and reduce your time to recovery with events correlated into an incident narrative

Uphold systems resiliency by defining custom policies to enforce immutability and ephemerality

Automatically foster resilience in your enterprise infrastructure

Capsule8’s resilience capabilities facilitate system stability and incident response by immediately mitigating unwanted activity and reducing blast radius. Incident impact is minimized through Capsule8’s automated response actions, which can immediately kill processes or quarantine files before they affect your systems. When Capsule8 detects an attacker attempting to compromise your infrastructure, we can automatically shut down their workflow so they are sent back to square one, while you can begin your response and investigation plan. 

Ops-friendly Architecture

Reduce your time to recovery

Capsule8 reduces your Time to Recovery (TTR), a key resilience metric, by expediting incident response. System events connected to the same incident are correlated by Capsule8 so your team can immediately digest alerts and conceptualize an incident narrative. Capsule8’s alerts display the event trigger, system resources affected, process lineage, correlated events, and any custom metadata fields you desire. This depth of context enables feedback loops to help you continuously improve your systems’ ability to gracefully recover from incidents.

Build your resilience strategy

Capsule8 can support your existing resiliency through policy enforcement, or help you build an automated resilience capability by enabling custom playbooks in response to incidents. Capsule8 lets you define custom policies that can uphold system resilience by enforcing immutability and ephemerality. For instance, you can shut down any attempts to use SSH in your immutable resources. With the ability to ship alerts via webhooks, Capsule8 also gives you the flexibility to create custom responses or playbooks in response to incidents.

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