How Capsule8 Optimizes Attack Responsiveness

Capsule8 detects exploitation and other unwanted activity in progress, letting you shut it down before it results in downtime. By proactively monitoring for indicators of attack (IoAs) that focus on the intent  of attackers, in addition to traditional indicators of compromise (IoCs), Capsule8 preemptively prevents incidents, helping you turn resources spent on cleanup into resources that can be spent on learning from the experience and creating a feedback loop to support resilience.

Detecting techniques and vulnerability classes, not just CVEs

Capsule8 covers attack categories and entire vulnerability classes for proactive detection, instead of relying on reactive scanning of individual CVEs that become public. We monitor the low-level behaviors required for attackers to carry out exploitation, as well as user activity that inadvertently jeopardizes security. This means we can catch common issues like cryptominers or developers debugging in production as well as exploitation of zero day vulnerabilities, which are rare but expensive to clean up.

High fidelity alerting

Capsule8 helps your team triage alerts faster, without sifting through meaningless alerts. We provide stronger signal and enough data for your team to make quick, intelligent decisions, providing the answers to “who did what, when, and where?” Rather than collect all your data, we collect the right security telemetry to provide you with the indicators of attack or compromise on which you can monitor, alert, or take action.

Flexible monitoring, safe for production

No one can afford to jeopardize uptime, so Capsule8 gives you the monitoring you need without adding risk to your production environment. With custom policies based on your risk profile, you can monitor system operations like network connections and program execution, as well as privileged user behavior and file access monitoring. Plus, Capsule8’s architecture and performance safeguards let you gain the visibility you need without worrying about disrupting production.

Coverage across the attack lifecycle

Capsule8 provides diverse, overlapping layers of monitoring to cover the many facets of an attack. This means attackers cannot trivially bypass detection and that there are multiple points of opportunity to trigger automated response actions, preventing compromise from taking hold. Our real-time detection and prevention works at the kernel-level up through the file system, userland, and the network, providing the complete range of coverage needed to protect production infrastructure.

Capsule8 Protect gives you an overview of an event, showing the process lineage, privilege transitions, and process renaming details, among other details, that will identify which resources are impacted. This way, security teams can trace the details of the kill chain – whether an attacker’s or accidentally nefarious employee’s – from start to finish.

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