Capsule8 Protect

Protect and respond to incidents in all your enterprise Linux systems while supporting speed, stability, and scalability.

Capsule8 Protection for Production Linux Infrastructure

Capsule8 maximizes your detection capabilities with coverage informed by decades of Linux exploitation experience, ensuring unwanted attacker and developer behavior is covered. Unlike existing solutions, Capsule8 is specifically built to protect enterprise Linux systems instead of only box-checking OS support by porting Windows user endpoint detection to Linux.

Detect unwanted activity in Linux infrastructure

Capsule8 works on any Linux system at any scale – from legacy servers to containers running in public clouds – ensuring all your enterprise infrastructure is protected. Capsule8’s agent can inspect telemetry from within containers, leaving no coverage gaps in microservices environments and giving you consistent protection far beyond typical endpoint security solutions.

Protection parity across your Linux infrastructure.

Capsule8 facilitates system resilience and incident response by immediately mitigating unwanted activity and reducing blast radius. Automated response actions can immediately kill processes or quarantine files to ensure risky activity has no impact on your systems. Capsule8’s custom policy creation also lets you enforce resilience in your infrastructure to ensure you recover from incidents gracefully.

Automated Enterprise Resilience

Capsule8 was built with operations in mind from day one. Capsule8 preserves system uptime, availability, and reliability through resource limits and intelligent load shedding, so you can be confident that your busy systems will work as desired with Capsule8 deployed. Our agent relies on stable, mature Linux features, namely kprobes and perf, rather than using risky kernel modules like traditional endpoint products.

Ops-friendly Architecture

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