Capsule8 Selected by Momentum Partners for Q3 2017 Watch List

Watch List recognizes impressive growth and innovation in cybersecurity


BROOKLYN, New York – Capsule8 today announced it was named to Momentum Partners’ Q3 2017 Watch List, which recognizes ten innovative companies in the cybersecurity ecosystem with tremendous business momentum. Momentum Partners selects ten companies each quarter based on the firm’s assessment of industry trends, market activity, and innovative approaches to current cybersecurity challenges.


Capsule8 Protect is the industry’s first real-time attack disruption platform purpose-built for the cloud-native world of Linux, containers and microservices. Capsule8 delivers visibility cluster wide across system, network and intra-container data to eliminate blind spots; real-time threat prevention by combining distributed, expert-driven analytics with powerful AI techniques; automated attack resilience that shuts down both known and zero-day attacks as they occur; and easy integration with a simple, one-line install into an organization’s platform and with forensic or op tools such as Slack, Hadoop and Splunk.


“Momentum Partners puts a lot of time and resources into these self-described ‘labors of love,’  and their expertise and insight are widely respected throughout the entire industry,” said John Viega, CEO of Capsule8. “Capsule8’s recognition on this list is a testament to not only the work accomplished by our team in one year but an acknowledgement of a pressing security challenge that has become a priority for many companies as they move to cloud-native approaches. For us, this is only the beginning, but we’re off to a great start.”