Capsule8 Named a 2018 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

New York City, NY (Sept. 7, 2017) – Capsule8, the pioneer behind the industry’s only real-time attack disruption platform, is proud to announce its designation as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual.

Capsule8 joins the ranks of the cyber security industry’s leading vendors and experts, armed with their technology in protecting both legacy and next-generation Linux infrastructure from attacks. Each member of this group was hand-selected by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber, to assist with this year’s report, which was made available today for free download at

“Ed’s goal of democratizing world-class cyber security analysis is one we’re proud to support,” said John Viega, CEO and Co-Founder of Capsule8. “His expertise and knowledge of the industry is helping showcase our own goals and platform. We are delighted that he recognized us as distinguished vendor.”

This year’s 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual was developed to assist enterprise security teams as they modernize their cyber risk program via the following three steps: Exploding the flat perimeter enterprise into distributed workloads; Offloading the resultant applications and networks onto cloud-based, software-defined infrastructure; and then Reloading protections using the best available cyber security technologies.

“As technology and infrastructure continues to adapt and change with the times, enterprises face the need to modernize,” said Amoroso. “This is why Capsule8’s ability to strengthen and streamline contemporary infrastructure, while also allocating flexibility for future containerized environments is exemplary.”

Each year, TAG Cyber publishes it three-volume report to the community for download at no cost. In addition to the Capsule8 website, the report is also available at Volume 2 of the report also includes an informative interview with Capsule8 CEO and Co-Founder, John Viega.