Policy Enforcement

Ensure granular configuration, alerting, and violation management of user, network, and file policies, for production environments. Environments as simple as bare-metal, or heterogeneous as bare-metal, virtualized, containerized, single cloud or hybrid, or some combination. This isn’t just hard. It’s critical.



You’re receiving data through your SIEM or other security tools, which indicate that policies are being violated. However, you are likely overwhelmed with data that doesn’t provide a complete picture of what is occuring in production, and that lacks context as to how these incidents are correlated, thereby obscuring policy implications.

The Capsule8 Difference

Using a combination of policies and detection strategies, Capsule8 employs multi-layer probability-based and deterministic techniques that provide simultaneous, multiple methods to identify and validate threats. We do the upfront correlation work for you to ensure that you understand the root cause of all types of policy violations including relevant user activity. This will allow you to enforce file, network, and user policies with minimal burden to your teams.


Full Audit Capabilities of End User System Activity

When a policy is violated by a user, Capsule8 lets you query the data to investigate an alert, and explore all other activities related to that alert, thereby uncovering other potential violations and other users who are violating the same policy.

Granular Policy-Based File and Network Compliance

Customers’ file and network policies can be encoded as classes of exploitation, enforced without the multitude of false positives that come out of traditional File Integrity Monitoring solutions. Easily exclude common tools and services – such as Puppet – for cleaner policy enforcement.

Workflow Integration

By integrating with workplace collaboration tools such as Slack, you can extend the flexibilities of responses to policy violations however and wherever you work.

Reduced SecOps Burden

Security alerts aren’t necessarily always about attacks. Sometimes, they indicate internal policy violations that are important to the business nonetheless. Capsule8 policy alerts can be prioritized as Low, Medium or High, reducing the time SecOps spends on evaluating and routing only those most impactful to the business.

Capsule8 Product Overview

Learn how Capsule8 protects your enterprise infrastructure with detection and resilience for Linux systems in any environment.


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