Intrusion Detection for Amazon Web Services

Host-based IDS/IPS for Any Mix of AWS Infrastructure

Your organization needs to keep its enterprise AWS infrastructure safe, without you needing a team of experts in Linux, cloud computing, or containers. Capsule8’s team has decades of experience in exploiting the Linux kernel and attacking Linux-based systems, including backdoors, kernel vulnerabilities, container escapes and more. As a result, we deeply understand what you need to monitor and detect to keep your enterprise systems safe..

With Capsule8 you can get monitoring, detection, and prevention purpose-built for your securing Linux systems in any environment and any scale without jeopardizing the performance and uptime of your production systems.

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IDS: Intrusion Detection for AWS

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Monitoring, Detection and Protection for Production Linux

Capsule8 is for organizations who need flexible production infrastructure security that embeds seamlessly into Linux systems. The pioneer behind “ops-friendly” production security, Capsule8 delivers monitoring, detection and protection across cloud native and on prem private cloud environments. By using Capsule8, security teams have the visibility needed to help them detect incidents, and investigate and protect against unwanted behavior, without adding operational risk or cost.

Secure your Linux systems with detection and protection against:

Disabling of native Linux security mechanisms (like SELinux)
Container attacks and escapes
Remote, interactive shell sessions
Developers downloading production data
Developers debugging in production
Harvesting cloud metadata to impersonate infrastructure
Memory corruption, ROP, and attempts to execute shellcode
Loading of kernel modules or payloads
Execution of newly-created files
Developers performing “surprise” deployments
Backdoors and persistence mechanisms
Privilege escalation attacks and abuse of privileged access
Coverage Without Gaps

Capsule8’s Protection is built for the unique threat models of production and cloud-native systems, leaving no coverage gaps in cloud or microservices environments and giving you consistent protection across all your enterprise infrastructure, far beyond typical endpoint security solutions.

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Avoid Costly Incidents – Performant, Scalable Protection

The growth of Linux environments utilized for commercial organizations is rapid, especially as more workloads are migrated to the cloud. Many businesses are vulnerable to attackers who target these Linux systems with tactics built specifically for them.

Capsule8 is built to protect enterprise infrastructure against these Linux-aimed attacks, from cloud-native to on-prem data center environments and everything in between. Capsule8 Protect Platform enables security and operations teams to efficiently defend their Linux infrastructure.

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Detection and resilience
built for enterprise
Linux infrastructure

Capsule8 helps you prevent, detect, and automatically respond to unwanted activity on Linux systems. Using kprobes and perf to collect system telemetry via distributed agents, Capsule8 supports speed, stability, and scalability, unlike traditional endpoint protection solutions.

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Enterprise security
that’s safe to

Modern enterprise security means protection that even your operations team approves. Our Ops-friendly architecture preserves system uptime, availability, and reliability by enabling resource limits (including CPU and network) and running without a kernel module.

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