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Securing DevOps Is About People and Culture
Capsule8’s VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, is featured in this article about securing DevOps and bringing security into the DevOps world.
Black Hat 2019: Software Businesses Need a Different Security Approach
ITProToday discusses Kelly Shortridge’s BlackHat session, “Controlled Chaos: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps & Security.”
Black Hat 2019: Learning about the latest in authentication, workspaces, and security
Kyle Johnson of  reviews his time at Black Hat 2019. In the article, he writes about his interest in container security and his conversation regarding it with Capsule8’s Pete Markowsky.
Capsule8 Adds Significant Funding from Intel Capital
Strategic Investment to Fuel Expansion of Capsule8’s Go-to-Market Efforts BROOKLYN, New York – August 7, 2019 – Capsule8 today announced a multimillion-dollar investment from Intel Capital. The rapidly growing company will apply the funds to drive a range of sales, marketing, product development and customer-facing initiatives. Intel joins existing investors ClearSky Security, Bessemer Venture Partners […]
Capsule8 Announces Industry’s First Cloud Investigations
Capsule8 Protect now solves production security’s data warehousing problem BROOKLYN, New York – August 1, 2019 – Capsule8 today announced Investigations, new functionality that adds full endpoint detection and response (EDR)-like investigations capabilities for cloud workloads to Capsule8 Protect, its high-performance attack protection platform for Linux production environments. An industry-first cloud investigation capability, Capsule8’s Investigations […]
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TAG Cyber: Interview with John Viega
Edward Amoroso from TAG Cyber sits down with Capsule8 CEO John Viega. Together they discuss how Capsule8 is helping companies secure their Linux production environments.
DevOps Chat: DevSecOps and Linux Protection, With Capsule8
Security Boulevard’s Alan Shimel chats about DevOps with Capsule8 co-founder, Pete Markowski.
What are Cloud-Native Applications?
SDxCentral explains what cloud-native applications are and mentions the results of a survey done by Capsule8, Signal Sciences, and Duo Security.
How to Secure Cloud-Native Applications
SDxCentral discusses how to best secure cloud-native applications and showcases Capsule8’s method for security.
SummerCon Fellowship to Present FemTech Security Findings
BROOKLYN, New York, June 14, 2019 — Capsule8, the only company providing high-performance attack protection for Linux production environments, today announced that Wendy Edwards and Jacqueline Xavier, the recipients of the SummerCon Fellowship, will be presenting their research, “Tracking the Period Trackers,” at SummerCon on Friday, June 14 at 11:00 am ET. The SummerCon Fellowship […]
Docker Inc. Addresses Latest Vulnerability
Container Journal talks about the new Docker vulnerability with Kelly.
Docker Vulnerability Opens Servers to Container Code
Dark Reading chats with Capsule8 about the latest Docker vulnerability.
Capsule8 Names Scott Kenerly as Chief Financial Officer
BROOKLYN, New York, May 30, 2019 — Capsule8, the only company providing high-performance attack protection for Linux production environments, today announced the appointment of Scott Kenerly as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The news comes on the heels of Capsule8 bolstering its leadership team to address rapid growth by naming Jim Bandanza as Chief Operating Officer/CRO […]
Docker Symlink-Race Vulnerability Could Allow Unauthorized Data Access
“It’s a pretty serious vulnerability because it can totally violate the data integrity or confidentiality in place, because the attacker can both read and modify files,” within the container or host system, said Kelly Shortridge, vice president of product strategy at production Linux security provider Capsule8, an author of a blog post describing the vulnerability in greater detail.
Docker Bug Allows Root Access to Host File System
Kelly Shortridge, vice pesident of product development at Capsule8, a security firm that specializes in container security, said the Docker vulnerability, while serious, is not necessarily an emergency for most enterprises.
InfoSec For DevOps Engineers with Kelly Shortridge
My guest this week is Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8, and we’re talking about infosec. We get into some interesting discussion: threat modeling, foundational security defense, why you’re totally screwed if a nation-state is after you (tip: they’re probably not), and why chaos engineering and ephemeral infrastructure is actually great for security. […]
What does it take to be an infosec product strategist?
“I tend to maintain an overwhelming sense that the majority of security products exist ‘just because’ – ‘just because’ the underlying technology seemed cool to build, ‘just because’ it is what has always been used despite minimal results, ‘just because’ investors would throw money towards it,” says Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8, […]
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Protecting Linux from Within
Last week, I took the C train to Brooklyn and spent an amazing morning with one of the finest minds in Linux security – John Viega, CEO of Capsule8. John was kind enough to spend time updating me on the state-of-the-art in detecting advanced exploits in Linux.
Thinking Clearly about Cybersecurity with Kelly Shortridge
On this episode, we talk about how to think clearly about security, how to be a therapist for Chief Information Security officers, and how the dragons from Game of Thrones relate to this industry.
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The right way to do AI in security
AI often falls short when it comes to cybersecurity, but the benefits can be significant when done correctly.
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10 Hottest Container Security Tools In 2019
Capsule8 Protect delivers high-performance attack protection for Linux production environments, regardless of if they’re containerized, virtualized, or bare metal. It uses distributed, streaming analytics combined with high-fidelity data that detects and responds to attacks the instant they’re attempted, according to the company.
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