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Linux Security, Container Escapes, Compliance, and more – check out some of the below news articles to hear some of our subject matter experts’ thoughts on important industry trends and news!

Cloud workload protection platform security benefits, features
VMs and cloud environments make the task of protecting workloads more difficult than ever. Can a cloud workload protection platform help your organization solve the problem?
Improving the quality of cyber security (w/ Kelly Shortrige, Capsule8) – Cyber Security Matters
In this episode of Cyber Security Matters, Dominic and Christian talk with Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge. She discusses the different issues happening in the Cyber Security industry and how we can improve the quality of the security services we provide to our clients.
25 API Security Tips You’re Probably Not Considering
David Sparks reaches out to past guests of the CISO Series podcasts, including Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge, and asks them for their tips on securing APIs that many of us might be missing.
Ep. #63, Container Security, Microservices, and Chaos Engineering…
Guy Podjarny of The Secure Developer talks to Kelly Shortridge, Capsule8 VP of product strategy, about security, microservices, and chaos engineering.
Episode 68 – Behavioral Economics and Cybersecurity with Kelly Shortridge
In this episode of the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, they have Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge on, sharing her thoughts on behavioral economics and cybersecurity. She also has a lesson or two for vendors in the cybersecurity space.
Capsule8 Names Melissa Goldberger Chief Marketing Officer
Established marketing expert to drive market growth and momentum NEW YORK (April 30, 2020) — Capsule8 today announced Melissa Goldberger as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). As CMO, Goldberger will lead the organization’s marketing strategy and drive sales enablement efforts for Capsule8 Protect, the company’s flagship enterprise infrastructure protection solution that stops attacks on Linux systems.  […]
Money on the Mind: Interview with Kelly Shortridge
Capsule8’s VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, is interviewed by Merle van den Akker from Together they discuss how Shortridge uses behavioral science in Infosec.
5 container security tools to safeguard apps, environments
Capsule8 is mentioned in this TechTarget article as one of 5 container security companies whose product is effective in safeguarding container environments.
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Researchers Uncover New Vulnerabilities In Intel, AMD Processors
Kelly Shortridge states her expert opinion on the impact this vulnerability can have on systems.
The Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies To Watch In 2020
Cybersecurity Ventures lists Capsule8 as one of the hot 150 cybersecurity companies to look out for in 2020.
Why are Kubernetes and container security important?
Capsule8 is featured on a EM360’s list of expert Kubernetes and Container Security venders.
Intel Vulnerability Serious But Unlikely, Experts Say
Capsule8’s Panic Button on the Intel vulnerability is mentioned within the article as a source.
Experts say CIA security triad needs a DIE model upgrade
Using a distributed, immutable, ephemeral strategy instead of the traditional CIA triad could enable enterprises to encourage security by design and minimize risk, two experts say.
Compare Container Security Companies for the Best Protection
Capsule8 was featured in TechTarget’s list of leading container security companies. The list and the corresponding graphic is meant to help companies navigate the often confusing market.
Risky Biz Soap Box: Capsule8 chief scientist Brandon Edwards
Our chief scientist, Brandon Edwards, joins the Risky Biz Soap Box podcast to talk about complexity in modern production environments, and Capsule8’s approach to the Linux security challenge.
Infosec Buzzword Bingo: 2020 Edition
Capsule8 VP of product strategy, Kelly Shortridge, compiled a list of 25 buzzwords from the home and product pages of 100 Infosec startups to create a bingo card. The bingo card is meant to be used for fun at Infosec conferences or just in your own research.
First Look: Capsule8 Protect
SC Magazine does an extensive review of Capsule8 Protect and includes the features of the product that they enjoyed the most.
Decipher Podcast: Kelly Shortridge
Kelly Shortridge, Capsule8 VP of product strategy, joins host Dennis Fisher to discuss her views on ransomware.
Cognitive Biases in Security Decision-Making
Our VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, sat down with Chris Sienko, host of Infosec’s Cyber Work podcast, to discuss how to introduce security teams early into the product development process. They also discuss cognitive biases in security decision-making at all levels of employment.
The Cyber speaks: What will actually happen in 2020
Capsule8 VP of product strategy, Kelly Shortridge, forced a bot to read more than 1,000 cyber security predictions for 2020 and then asked it to write predictions of its own. The following article is the result.
2019 DevOps Dozen Finalists Announced
In’s DevOps Dozen, Capsule8 was listed as a finalist for one of their best podcasts of the year! The Podcast nominated was Shift Right DevSecOps w/ Capsule8 & Pete Markowsky.
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