Linux Production Protection

Fast and accurate protection from attacks – even zero-days – across tens of thousands of nodes per installation with minimal impact, even for the busiest production systems.



As an agile organization with a growing security team and expanding production environment, you need a Linux security solution that provides comprehensive protection of your increasingly non-homogenous technology stack which may include bare-metal, VMs and/or containers, deployed on premise or in the cloud. Maybe you use Intrusion Prevention Systems’ (IPS) network detection capabilities, but understand that offers no insight into host activities. Traditional Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools work reasonably well, but don’t scale. You need a solution architected to be performant when deployed to tens of thousands of nodes – any of which could be handling hundreds or thousands of connections per second. Legacy tools provide Indicators of Compromise (IoC) via high-volume, low-fidelity data, drowning you in alerts. Given the volume of data, hiring more people is unlikely to enable you to catch all attacks.

The Capsule8 Difference

The Capsule8 Platform proactively detects Indicators of Attack (IoA) across your entire Linux production environment, pointing you to the true attacks that require attention. The ability to detect live exploitations (IOA) allows you to address security incidents quickly, versus looking for Indicators of Compromise (IOC) which implies awareness only after an attacker has taken hold of your environment. Importantly, Capsule8 requires only small amounts of security-critical telemetry data to provide protection.The vast majority of this telemetry is managed locally, and not shared over network, ensuring the solution will not have an undue performance impact on production.


Real-Time, High Fidelity Protection without Signatures

Once you’ve been breached, it can cost millions to recover. There’s no cost, however, if you stop an attack before it becomes a breach. We provide you with high-fidelity data in real-time, which greatly improves visibility and response time. With Capsule8, it’s easy to determine the legitimacy of each alert and to automate the response accordingly. Furthermore, the Capsule8 platform is not signature-based, so you won’t be stuck waiting for point-in-time product updates.

Deep Context in Alerts to Help Understand Each Attack

Capsule8 finds exploits – including those based in the kernel – that other tools miss. Our alerts deliver true positives with deep context about the users, activities, and timing involved so that you can understand the nature of an attack and quickly kill or freeze processes that violate policy. Capsule8 provides only the right information and doesn’t slam you with volumes of irrelevant data.

Complete Visibility

Capsule8 provides insight into all activity pre-and post-exploitation, including commands issued, files and networks accessed. Much like a bank robber is focused on your money (not all your office supplies), an attacker is looking for your most sensitive data (not every resource you own). Correlation data is important for understanding everything an attacker is doing throughout your environment. Our analytics reflect associations between actions and events and what they mean.

Flexible and Efficient Operations

Capsule8 offers a number of ways to manage alert data to minimize performance impact to your production systems, which is always a concern of your operations team.

  • Capsule8 allows you to set limits that control its consumption of CPU, memory, disk space and event rate.
  • Our development philosophy is to be API-first, providing flexibility to integrate with your existing cloud, security, and storage tools.  Send alerts to your existing tools and workflows via API, file, stdout and S3 Bucket.

CVE Analysis Reports

Capsule8’s provide you with reporting on how our protection fared against Linux Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Our security researchers and data analysts document relevant CVEs, the type of exploit involved, and the Capsule8 detection methods that would have prevented the exploit. This provides transparency in Capsule8’s abilities to protect your organization.

Capsule8 Product Overview

Learn how Capsule8 protects your enterprise infrastructure with detection and resilience for Linux systems in any environment.


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