GCP Security


GCP Security

Your organization needs a security solution which functions in the cloud, and integrates with provider-specific services such as Google Security Command Center.



You’ll be moving to the cloud, possibly to a non-containerized bare-metal environment, but most likely you’re transforming from a monolithic architecture and applications to microservices and/or containers. You’re familiar with endpoint security tools, but not only are they ineffective, they generally won’t work in the cloud or in production.

The Capsule8 Difference


Public Cloud Deployment Protection

Whether you’re deploying to bare-metal, containerized, single or multi-cloud, or a combination of these, Capsule8 Protect provides unparalleled protection of your production environment with run-time protection at scale, automated disruption, policy enforcement, compliance. Azure support is coming soon.

Enhanced Visibility

Capsule8 integrates with the GCP S3 bucket, Lambda and Google Security Command Center for centralized alert management, materially enhancing security visibility.

Effortless Installation

Capsule8 can be installed via a Helm chart to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for a one-command installation. For Google Kubernetes Engine users that do not use Helm, Kubernetes manifests are provided for manual customization and installation.

Product Overview

Capsule8 is the industry’s only real-time, zero-day exploit detection platform purpose-built for Linux production systems in hybrid environments – whether multicloud, containerized, virtualized or bare metal.

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