Cloud-Native Security for Linux Systems.

The Protect suite is designed to avoid costly downtime, overloaded hosts, or stability snafus caused by traditional security tools. Organizations depend on Capsule8 to efficiently protect their cloud workloads with detection, monitoring, and protection in any environment.

Eliminate Cloud-Native Coverage Gaps.

Prevention, detection and response built for the unique threat models of containers and cloud systems.

Deploy Linux Protection Your Way.

Core protection policies immediately detect unwanted system activity, which can be exported into your existing log management and alerting workflows or delivered as a hosted solution.

Defend Your Organization’s IT Operations.

Users can enable incident response by immediately mitigating unwanted activity and reducing blast radius.

Protection Built for Performance.

Preserve uptime, availability and reliability with system resource limits and a distributed agent architecture.

The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook: Strategies for the Enterprise

To help demystify challenges and make “cloud-native compliance” a more relevant subject for enterprise, Capsule8 has created The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook, where we explain the shortcomings of the traditional compliance approach and propose a three-step strategy towards building a cloud-native compliant enterprise.

Flexible Deployment and Protection

For teams wanting to leverage their existing operations workflows, you can export Capsule8’s findings into your existing automation, orchestration, log management, and incident response tooling. While for teams who prefer a zero-overhead graphical interface, Capsule8’s SaaS deployment allows you to manage the agent and detection policies via a hosted console.

Capsule8’s Protection is built for the unique threat models of production and cloud-native systems, leaving no coverage gaps in cloud or microservices environments and giving you consistent protection across all your enterprise infrastructure, far beyond typical endpoint security solutions.

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