Field Engineer

About the Role

A Capsule8 Field Engineer is a customer facing Capsule8 practitioner. As a Field Engineer you will provide advice and answers to technical questions that are key to business goals from an assigned small number of high value customers.  A Capsule8 Field Engineer will help to understand the technical requirements of the customer, deploy the Capsule8 solution and provide assistance as part of the integration of Capsule8 into the overall security ecosystem. You will drive customer meetings, keep up to date with customer projects, and provide guidance on the best ways in which Capsule8 products can be used to help accomplish technical objectives towards fulfilling client business objectives.  Additionally, the Field Engineer role will be responsible for the initial deployment, upgrade, and consultation of the best way to configure and consume results from the Capsule8 protect platform.  As a Field Engineer you will be the first point of contact at Capsule8 for technical questions from your assigned customers. You will help create, develop, and maintain good relationships with senior management at customers, as well as seek out new opportunities where Capsule8 can help fulfill additional business goals.

Problem Statement:

A Field Engineer will assist Capsule8 customers in helping to secure their Linux infrastructure.  This includes providing detection on Linux systems as well as implementing and tuning security detection policies to help implement automated response while allowing for security teams within Capsule8 customer’s environment to act accordingly to address and remediate risk.

Desired Background

Required Skillsets:

  • Technical or customer facing experience: 5+ years
  • Understanding of Linux operating system
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Understanding data models and integration points leveraging APIs and log aggregation systems (example solutions include syslog, SSM, S3 buckets, GCP storage, Splunk, ELK, LogRythm, Devo, SumoLogic)

Desired Skillsets:

  • Hosting provider certifications: AWS / GCP / Azure
  • Relevant security experience
  • Experience working with containers
  • Experience working with Kubernetes
  • Experience working with configuration management tools: Puppet, Ansible, Chef
  • Experience working with lambda functions
  • Proficient with GoLang
  • Proficient with YAML

Other Considerations:

  • This role will require travel: approximately 25% of the time
  • This role will be remote
  • Bonus structure dependent upon performance and company goals

Why Capsule8?

We are big believers in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While we work very hard and care deeply about making Linux infrastructure as secure as possible, we want our team to have room for their family, friends and themselves. We’re also strongly committed to diversity, providing all our employees a nurturing, open and inquisitive working environment. Finally, we care deeply about ensuring every employee personal growth, so we work with each employee to build a career plan that benefits everyone.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Capsule8, we are committed to building a culture that respects and embraces all walks of life, inclusive of all genders, race, culture, sexual orientation, age, and all other identities. We will make accommodations when interviewing anyone with special needs, such as neurodiversity.

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