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Container Security Challenges
Security Challenges for Containers in Runtime
December 14, 2018
Protecting containers in runtime is a critical element in securing containerized applications. There are a number of threats that occur in real-time when containers are running in production so a container security strategy must go beyond just eliminating vulnerabilities during the build phase. Containers in runtime and working applications can hold the crown jewels of […]
container security
3 Tips for Scaling Container Security
November 20, 2018
Container adoption continues to grow as enterprises large and small look to increase the efficiency of their software delivery with hybrid production environments. According to recent research we sponsored with ESG, more than half (56%) of those surveyed already having deployed containerized production applications and 80% indicating they would have them in production in the […]
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Zero-Day Attack Detection: Focus on the Catch, not the Patch
July 30, 2018
When high profile zero-day vulnerabilities hit the headlines, security professionals around the world scramble to patch and remediate the damages. Zero-days such as ImageTragick, Shellshock, and most recently, Meltdown and Spectre, showed how even complex, modern infrastructures are susceptible to highly impactful security issues. Meltdown and Spectre, in particular, also signaled a shift in focus […]
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A Dozen Security Questions for DevOps after Deployment
July 18, 2018
DevOps brings operations and development teams together through the whole production lifecycle, leading to faster and more agile software development. But harder, better, faster, and stronger doesn’t always mean safer. Security is a critical part of that process and without properly integrating it into every phase, you’re putting your company, and your customers, at risk. […]
Zero-Day Attack
The Evolution of Zero Day Attacks and How to Prevent Them
September 26, 2017
What is a Zero Day Attack? “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” someone important, probably A zero-day is the devil you don’t know. Whether you’re talking about a previously unknown software vulnerability, or the code used to exploit it, zero-days can make a security practitioner’s life a living hell. There’s no […]
Introducing Capsule8
February 13, 2017
Hi! I’m John Viega, CEO and co-founder of Capsule8. Thanks for taking an interest in what we are doing. We’re out to solve one of the biggest problems in the cyber-security today: protecting the Linux infrastructure. And we think we are on to something big. My co-founders and I are career-long hackers and serial entrepreneurs […]