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SecOps Tiers
No More Tiers: Reimagining the Structure of SecOps
March 11, 2020
Why not both? I’m not sure who thought that arbitrary hierarchical silos among a team of individual contributors was good for team morale and load-balancing, but here we are. During a recent guest appearance on the Purple Squad Security podcast, I described my last role working on a security operations team that handled incident response […]
Microservices and Modern Production Environments vs. SecOps
Microservices and Modern Production Environments Are the Achilles’ Heel of SecOps
July 25, 2017
Microservices and the increasing popularity of service-based architecture have catapulted Linux from the coder’s tinker toy of yesterday to the most popular platform on the planet today. It’s no wonder that modern Linux is fast becoming the defacto operating system of production environments and powering the “software is eating the world” phenomenon. It’s simple and […]