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Between Two Kernels: Halvar Flake – E03
April 2, 2019
In Episode 3 Kelly chats with Halvar Flake, former Project Zero team member at Google and Co-Founder of optimyze. The two get philosophical about vendor tag lines, characterize his new start-up with buzzwords, and the differences between automation in offensive and defensive security work.
Between Two Kernels: Allan Alford – E02
March 26, 2019
In Episode 2 of Between Two Kernels Kelly chats with CISO Allan Alford about being the most hated man in his organization, the three biggest mistakes of his life, and which infosec category he would date, marry, and kill. Check out the highlights below and full video if you’re interested! Episode Transcript Kelly: Welcome to […]
Between Two Kernels: Art Coviello
March 25, 2019
We’re excited to kick off a new video series with our VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, titled “Between Two Kernels.” Kelly aims to conduct short, potentially awkward interviews with industry leaders that don’t shy away from tough and entertaining questions. Episode one is embedded for your viewing pleasure and features Art Coviello at the […]