Start-Ups and Food Trucks: Meet Terri Wagner!

As Head of Delivery and Support, Terri Wagner’s day is full of decision-making and developing processes to ensure our customers benefit from the steps and procedures Capsule8 puts into place. She leads the team responsible for making and keeping our clients happy, and we are especially happy to have her on board. 

Terri has only been with Capsule8 for about five months, but she’s no stranger to the role. 

“I’ve always been in post-sales roles ranging from Global Service Delivery to Cloud Delivery manager to Customer Success/Experience Manager. Looking after customers post-sale and ensuring their loyalty has always been my calling.”

Terri’s journey to Capsule8 started with a recruiter speaking to her about the company and, after successive meetings with various executives, decided it was where she wanted to be.

I think Capsule8 has a very revolutionary product (and the only product) that protects Linux production environments with no impact to performance. I really wanted to work for a company that has a product that is like none other in the market.” 

Terri had previously worked at much larger organizations, so there was a bit of adjustment after joining a start-up, but that change is a welcome one. 

“Coming from various larger organizations, it can sometimes be very bureaucratic to get things done swiftly. Also, in larger organizations, you are a specialist in what you do. C8 is a start-up, so it is agile, and you get to wear many hats and build your experience and be a pioneer, just like the product.”

Part of Terri’s role also involves building a world-class support team with folks like Chukwudi Onwumelu, Chima Onukwuru, and Elmer Pallarca, who can help support our world-class customers. She also works closely with Sales, Marketing, and Product and enjoys the experience of working across all the teams. 

“It is enlightening! There is so much legacy knowledge and history to be learned. Everyone is very cooperative and makes it a gratifying experience. Nothing like drinking from the fire hose!” 

When she’s not drinking from the fire hose, Terri can be found cooking up delicious meals with her InstantPot, sous-vide, and other various tools of the trade. 

“If I could, I’d operate a food truck as a side hustle!”

Are you interested in joining the Capsule8 team? You can check out our open listings on the Capsule8 Careers page!