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Coffee and Capsule8: Tales from the Cryptomining
November 23, 2020
If you’re curious about cryptomining and are interested in learning what it is, how folks are doing it, and how it could be impacting your organization (like that unexpected AWS bill!), join our live webcast series.
Divided We Fail: How Security Teams Can Better Engage with DevOps
November 11, 2020
Join Fernando Montenegro and Kelly Shortridge as they get to the heart of the relationship between security and DevOps and share tips for CISOs to help improve their engagement.
The ABCs of PMCs for Attack Detection
September 11, 2020
Deciphering SOC 2 Compliance in Cloud-Native Environments
August 18, 2020
Security Considerations for Cloud Migration During a Crisis
July 14, 2020
An evolving technology landscape can already make a well planned cloud migration strategy seem like a complex task, but as we’ve learned in the past few months, there are often additional challenges thrown into the works.
Linux and Containers: Brandon and Nick Hack Things Live
June 5, 2020
Join Capsule8 researchers Brandon Edwards (@drraid) and Nick Freeman (@0x7674) as they perform live hacking walk throughs of common container escape patterns and what signals they leave behind.
Rant: Security Teams Are Friends Not FUD
April 14, 2020
Security professionals expect their non-security colleagues to trust them and heed their advice. Yet their everyday practices often undermine any sense of trust and, well, security. From running phishing drills that cross the line from realistic to traumatic, to rolling out tools that break business-critical workflows (and uptime), it can be tough for security teams […]
Make It Work: The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and How to Put It Into Practice
November 18, 2019
MITRE ATT&CK is quickly becoming the de facto framework for security teams to strengthen their defenses — but with a constantly changing attack surface, especially when it comes to modern cloud infrastructure, how do you move beyond the theoretical to actually put it into practice? Join Brandon Edwards, chief scientist at Capsule8, and guest speaker […]
Deciphering Cryptominers with Capsule8
October 29, 2019
In this roundtable webinar, Decipher’s Dennis Fisher and Fahmida Rashid are joined by Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge for an in-depth conversation on cryptomining’s emergence and what it means for cryptojacking as a threat consideration for businesses.
The Changing Security Landscape in a Cloud-Native Era
October 28, 2019
Join Capsule8, Obsidian Security, and Signal Sciences as we discuss the major cloud-native security challenges organizations face and the opportunities to meet them.