Q&A: Secure Cloud Migration During a Crisis

Back in July, Capsule8’s Chief Product Officer, Rob Harrison, chatted with guest speaker Andras Cser, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, about how security considerations for a cloud migration have changed over the past few months and how future trends change risk when adopting accelerating strategies. The evolving technology landscape can already make a well planned cloud migration strategy seem daunting, but as we’ve learned in the past few months with global crises and remote workforces, there are often additional challenges thrown into the works that you never would have foreseen. They not only took on challenges from both a business execution level and a cybersecurity level, they also broke down how new technologies can help mitigate those risks. 

If you missed the webcast, you can watch the on-demand version here

Following the webcast, Capsule8 commissioned Forrester to expand a bit on their discussion and highlight both security considerations for unforeseen circumstances, but also how recent news on data privacy shields and US law failing to adequately protect EU personal data impact cloud migration.

Andras Cser, principal analyst, provides Forrester’s analysis in a Q&A document that you can download below:

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