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The Cyber speaks: What will actually happen in 2020
December 9, 2019
Capsule8 VP of product strategy, Kelly Shortridge, forced a bot to read more than 1,000 cyber security predictions for 2020 and then asked it to write predictions of its own. The following article is the result.
2019 DevOps Dozen Finalists Announced
November 19, 2019
In’s DevOps Dozen, Capsule8 was listed as a finalist for one of their best podcasts of the year! The Podcast nominated was Shift Right DevSecOps w/ Capsule8 & Pete Markowsky.
Lead(H)er profile – Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8
October 29, 2019
VentureFizz’s latest Lead(H)er profile is on Capsule8’s VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge!
Google Cloud’s study of 31,000 tech pros shows how working smarter and addressing burnout makes for better cybersecurity and higher productivity
October 28, 2019
Capsule8’s Kelly Shortridge along with Google’s Nicole Forsgren spoke with Business Insider about security best practices.
DevOps 100: Top leaders, practitioners, experts to follow
October 2, 2019
Capsule8 VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, makes TechBeacon’s list of 100 DevOps leaders, practitioners, and experts to follow!
Integrating Security into Build Processes Signals DevSecOps Tipping Point
October 2, 2019
The New Stack reviews the results from the ESG report on the current state of cloud security that Capsule8 co-sponsored.
Security Capabilities are Lagging Behind Cloud Adoption
October 2, 2019
HelpNetSecurity details the results of a study conducted by ESG that we co-sponsored on the current state of cloud security.
Capsule8 Protect Earns HIPAA Compliance Certification
October 2, 2019 features the news of our HIPAA Compliance Certification on their site.
Accepting the Irrationality Of Biases in InfoSec: Interview with Kelly Shortridge
October 2, 2019
SecurityTrails interviews Capsule8’s VP of Product Strategy, Kelly Shortridge, to discuss the biases sometimes found among information security pros, and how we can use that knowledge to motivate more secure decision-making.
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Enterprise Software is Hot – Who Would’ve Thought?
October 2, 2019
TechCrunch names Capsule8 in this article as one of the companies using open-source components to help engineering teams focus on building code that creates or supports the core business value.
Live From Black Hat USA: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps & Security
October 2, 2019
Security Boulevard breaks down the Black Hat talk done by Kelly Shortridge, Capsule8’s VP of Product Strategy, and Nicole Forsgren of Google.
DevSecOps Becomes a Higher Cloud-Native Priority
September 25, 2019
Capsule8 CEO John Viega noted much of that shift is being driven by necessity. When applications were deployed mainly in on-premises IT environments, it was easier to secure the environment by deploying appliances. Now organizations need to secure applications on infrastructure they don’t control as part of a shared responsibility model that often spans multiple […]