Podcast: Dino Dai Zovi on Risky Business

As companies look to move workloads into this new cloud-native world of containers and microservices, one issue that is driving anxiety is the lack of visibility into areas where there is uncertainty.  Without the telemetry and visibility people are used to with their on-premise deployments, it’s difficult making the case that this next-gen environment is secure and worth the risk. That’s one of the issues Capsule8 is solving, and one CTO and Co-Founder Dino Dai Zovi tackles during his recent chat with Patrick Gray, host of the very popular security podcast Risky Business.

Hear more of what Dino has to say about these challenges and how Capsule8 is solving them in this week’s episode of Risky Businesshttps://risky.biz/snakeoilers4/