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Capsule8’s Stance on Publication and Vulnerability Disclosure
Last week, Capsule8 Labs released an exploit for the problems in systemd that Qualys identified on January 9th, as part of series analyzing the vulnerabilities CVE-2018-16865 and CVE-2018-16866. We were asked why we would “weaponize” the exploits and if it would arm those looking to do harm.  We have decided to expand on our reasoning, […]
Exploiting systemd-journald Part 1
Introduction This is part one in a multipart series (read Part 2 here) on exploiting two vulnerabilities in systemd-journald, which were published by Qualys on January 9th. Specifically, the vulnerabilities were: a user-influenced size passed to alloca(), allowing manipulation of the stack pointer (CVE-2018-16865) a heap-based memory out-of-bounds read, yielding memory disclosure (CVE-2018-16866) The affected […]
Summercon 2019 Fellowship
The SummerCon Fellowship
One of the ways Capsule8 came to be was through the community built around cool people doing cool research. That’s how most of us got our start, and we believe it’s important to help others do the same. We’re psyched to announce that Capsule8, along with Trail of Bits, are funding the SummerCon Fellowship. Summercon […]
Container Security Challenges
Security Challenges for Containers in Runtime
Protecting containers in runtime is a critical element in securing containerized applications. There are a number of threats that occur in real-time when containers are running in production so a container security strategy must go beyond just eliminating vulnerabilities during the build phase. Containers in runtime and working applications can hold the crown jewels of […]
container security
3 Tips for Scaling Container Security
Container adoption continues to grow as enterprises large and small look to increase the efficiency of their software delivery with hybrid production environments. According to recent research we sponsored with ESG, more than half (56%) of those surveyed already having deployed containerized production applications and 80% indicating they would have them in production in the […]
cloud native security summit
Seven Key Takeaways from the Cloud-Native Security Summit
Earlier this week we wrapped up very first Cloud-Native Security Summit, an exclusive event co-hosted by Capsule 8, Duo Security, and Signal Sciences, designed to tackle all things cloud-native security. Together in one room for a day, 140 security professionals discussed some of the most pressing issues they are facing in their organizations such as […]
Sock the SOC Infographic Security Alert Fatuge
How to Tell if Your Company is Suffering from Security Alert Fatigue
We’ve been talking about security alert fatigue a lot here at Capsule8 because it is a very real concern we hear from prospects, customers, and other organizations that are trying secure their production environment. The numbers of the SOC can be terrifying for anyone who is in charge of making sure that next breach doesn’t happen […]
Takeaways from USA Black Hat conference 2018
Black Hat Takeaways 2018
Another year at Black Hat has come and gone, with attendees  from around the world coming together to share and discuss their ideas, research, and discoveries. Did you attend Black Hat this year? If not, don’t worry. We’ve put together the highlights of this year’s conference. Here are our top takeaways from Black Hat 2018: […]
Zero-day threats
Securing Production Environments against Zero-Day Threats
Endpoint protection is one of the most talked about markets in cybersecurity today. As users connect to corporate networks via a growing array of devices, security professionals require tools to understand and respond to attacks in real-time, including malware, ransomware and other zero-day threats. With the growing number of end user devices tied to corporate […]
CISOs: Understanding Three Consequences of Security Alert Fatigue
One of the biggest challenges faced by any SOC or security organization today is alert fatigue. There are only so many people on your team who can respond to and investigate so many alerts before they miss true attacks. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, only you have to imagine him yelling down to […]
Capsule8 Announcement
News From Capsule8 – Series B and Board of Advisors
When we launched Capsule8 1.0 back in April, we knew were on the right track for solving a huge market problem. We had completed a successful beta with some of the biggest companies from Wall Street and Silicon Valley and one of our first customers had signed on. What we didn’t know was how quickly […]
Woman Inserting Password
Zero-Day Attack Detection: Focus on the Catch, not the Patch
When high profile zero-day vulnerabilities hit the headlines, security professionals around the world scramble to patch and remediate the damages. Zero-days such as ImageTragick, Shellshock, and most recently, Meltdown and Spectre, showed how even complex, modern infrastructures are susceptible to highly impactful security issues. Meltdown and Spectre, in particular, also signaled a shift in focus […]
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A Dozen Security Questions for DevOps after Deployment
DevOps brings operations and development teams together through the whole production lifecycle, leading to faster and more agile software development. But harder, better, faster, and stronger doesn’t always mean safer. Security is a critical part of that process and without properly integrating it into every phase, you’re putting your company, and your customers, at risk. […]
Driving Toward SOCless Enterprise
Driving Toward the SOCless Enterprise
Alex Mastretti, engineering manager of the security intelligence and response team at Netflix, recently declared the formation of a “SOCless detection team,” signalling a shift in their security program in an effort to bring detection and response closer together. Optimizing your team’s approach to security can feel like a huge, but worthwhile undertaking, and as […]
Essential Guide to Cloud Native Security
An Essential Guide to Cloud Native Security
What Is Cloud Native? Cloud native applications are designed and built on the cloud. On a higher level, “cloud native” is a fundamentally new approach to application design and deployment that leverages native cloud capabilities (e.g., auto-scaling, continuous deployment, and auto-management). An open source approach leveraging IaaS capabilities (eg. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) […]
Capsule8 Announcement
Capsule8 1.0 is Here!
Following a successful beta with some of the biggest companies from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, today we are making Capsule8 1.0 generally available to the enterprise and delivering on our promise of real-time, zero-day attack detection at scale. Back when we announced that Capsule8 was entering beta, we outlined a few of the issues […]
New Research: Zero Days Cannot Be Contained
New Research: Zero Days Cannot Be Contained
The term “zero-day” can cause a normal day at any company to go from zero to sixty right quick. Every security person knows you’re probably vulnerable somewhere within your infrastructure, and finding everywhere that is can be nearly impossible.  That’s not just speculation according to a new study we sponsored with ESG Research. In fact, […]
Detecting Meltdown and Spectre by Detecting Cache Side Channels
Last week, we delivered an open source detector for some variants of the Meltdown attack and promised that we’d provide a more generic detection for more variants of Meltdown and Spectre. Today we are delivering on that promise with the introduction of our Apache-licensed cache side channel detector for Linux. In addition to releasing that […]
Detecting Meltdown using Capsule8
Meltdown and Spectre are such pervasive issues; they’re news on every major outlet. The security world is simultaneously in awe of the attack and panicking about remediation.What nobody is talking about is detection! Remediation can be effective, and thanks to increased use of the public cloud, we can expect that applications running in the three […]
KubeCon How To Prevent Attacks at Scale on Cloud-Native Environments
Now Available: KubeCon Encore on How To Prevent Attacks at Scale on Cloud-Native Environments
Capsule8 co-founder and CTO, Dino Dai Zovi, recently headed to Austin to present at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon and share with an audience of more than 300 attendees some new ways to detect and defend against attacks at-scale to your cloud-native environments. As an encore to the presentation, Dino recently hosted a webinar of his presentation, […]
Podcast: Dino Dai Zovi on Risky Business
Podcast: Dino Dai Zovi on Risky Business
As companies look to move workloads into this new cloud-native world of containers and microservices, one issue that is driving anxiety is the lack of visibility into areas where there is uncertainty.  Without the telemetry and visibility people are used to with their on-premise deployments, it’s difficult making the case that this next-gen environment is […]
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