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TAG Cyber: Interview with John Viega
July 25, 2019
Edward Amoroso from TAG Cyber sits down with Capsule8 CEO John Viega. Together they discuss how Capsule8 is helping companies secure their Linux production environments.
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Protecting Linux from Within
May 14, 2019
Last week, I took the C train to Brooklyn and spent an amazing morning with one of the finest minds in Linux security – John Viega, CEO of Capsule8. John was kind enough to spend time updating me on the state-of-the-art in detecting advanced exploits in Linux.
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2019 TAG Cyber Security Interview with Industry Luminary: John Viega
September 20, 2018
Securing Linux for the Data Center and Cloud An Interview With John Viega, CEO, Capsule8 A SURPRISING characteristic of modern computing is that Linux has become the dominant operating system. That a Unix-based underlying framework would guide the present and future data center, cloud, and other server-rich environments should not be a huge surprise, given […]