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Live From Black Hat USA: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps & Security
October 2, 2019
Security Boulevard breaks down the Black Hat talk done by Kelly Shortridge, Capsule8’s VP of Product Strategy, and Nicole Forsgren of Google.
DevOps Chat: DevSecOps and Linux Protection, With Capsule8
July 8, 2019
Security Boulevard’s Alan Shimel chats about DevOps with Capsule8 co-founder, Pete Markowski.
Security’s Most Pressing Problems Get Fresh Looks From Startups in RSA Conference’s Innovation Sandbox Competition
March 4, 2019
To be fair, every presenter had something groundbreaking to share: -Capsule8 seeks merely to secure Linux production environments, detecting and preventing attacks in real time, providing alerts that evolve along with attackers’ methods. CEO John Viega called it a “solution built by black hats to stop black hats.”