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Bug in widely used bootloader opens Windows, Linux devices to persistent compromise
August 3, 2020
A comment from Kelly Shortridge on the recent vulnerability, CVE-2020-10713, is featured in HelpNetSecurity’s coverage of the bug.
Security Capabilities are Lagging Behind Cloud Adoption
October 2, 2019
HelpNetSecurity details the results of a study conducted by ESG that we co-sponsored on the current state of cloud security.
A Compendium of Container Escapes
August 15, 2019
In the following HelpNetSecurity podcast, Capsule8’s Brandon Edwards discusses a compendium of container escapes, and the RunC vulnerability in particular.
Capsule8 Protect now solves production security’s data warehousing problem
August 12, 2019
In this article, HelpNetSecurity talks about how Capsule8 Protect’s new Investigations functionality adds full EDR-like investigations capabilities for cloud workloads.
What does it take to be an infosec product strategist?
May 15, 2019
“I tend to maintain an overwhelming sense that the majority of security products exist ‘just because’ – ‘just because’ the underlying technology seemed cool to build, ‘just because’ it is what has always been used despite minimal results, ‘just because’ investors would throw money towards it,” says Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8, […]
Capsule8 secures $15M in Series B round
August 20, 2018
HelpNetSecurity takes a look at Capsule8’s Series B round of funding.
Capsule8 introduces Linux workload attack detection platform
April 12, 2018
HelpNetSecurity takes a look at the launch of Capsule8 1.0, a real-time, zero-day attack detection platform capable of scaling to massive production deployments.
Continuous security: What’s in a name?
January 9, 2018
Capsule8 Co-Founder and CEO John Viega tackles the DevSecOps/SecDevOps/DevOpsSec debate and explains why the best term is “continuous security” in his contributed post in HelpNetSecurity.