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Researchers Uncover New Vulnerabilities In Intel, AMD Processors
March 9, 2020
Kelly Shortridge states her expert opinion on the impact this vulnerability can have on systems.
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10 Hottest Container Security Tools In 2019
April 12, 2019
Capsule8 Protect delivers high-performance attack protection for Linux production environments, regardless of if they’re containerized, virtualized, or bare metal. It uses distributed, streaming analytics combined with high-fidelity data that detects and responds to attacks the instant they’re attempted, according to the company.
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Black Hat 2017: 10 Security Threats To Watch Out For
July 27, 2017
Container security challenges were also front and center at Black Hat 2017…. Capsule8 CTO Dino Dai Zovi discussed how new data-center-level operating systems – including Docker Enterprise – have changed attack vectors and made single-node privilege escalation and persistence less useful to attackers. He said companies need a different tactic when attacking and defending entire […]