Introducing Capsule8

Hi! I’m John Viega, CEO and co-founder of Capsule8. Thanks for taking an interest in what we are doing. We’re out to solve one of the biggest problems in the cyber-security today: protecting the Linux infrastructure. And we think we are on to something big.

My co-founders and I are career-long hackers and serial entrepreneurs in the security arena. In our recent discussions with CIOs and CSOs, a nagging issue kept coming back: there is no solution focused on protecting the entire Linux infrastructure. When vulnerabilities get announced for Linux systems (e.g., ShellShock, ImageTragik, DirtyCOW and Heartbleed), people can run around and patch, but don’t have any visibility into their exposure, and nothing protecting them from the next big black swan event.

It is actually mind-boggling. With more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 now running Linux, it’s about time someone stepped up.

That’s where Capsule8 comes in.

We are developing the industry’s first container-aware, real-time threat protection platform designed to protect legacy and next-generation Linux infrastructures from both known and unknown attacks. What does that actually mean? We’re solving the difficult problem of providing zero-day threat protection for Linux, whether legacy, container or something in-between. Simply put, we are out to deliver the most comprehensive and effective security protection ever offered for Linux. A big promise, but we are prepared to deliver.

We just launched a few days ago. (You can see the press release here.) We are being overwhelmed with requests for demos, but are psyched to soon show you what we can do.

We are hunkered down in development, and plan to launch our platform this spring. In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog for updates on what we are up to. My co-founder Dino and I will also use this blog to share our thoughts on the changing security landscape and what security professionals and vendors like us need to do to keep up.

So please come back often. We are just getting started.