HR-You Ready?: Capsulator King Krompicha

September 10, 2020

One of the first people you’ll meet when you apply for a job at Capsule8 is our wonderful Director of Human Resources, King Krompicha. King joined our team one year ago after leading the tech recruiting efforts at Harry’s, a direct-to-consumer goods company, and has made a huge impact on not only human resources, but the entire culture of our company. 

The direct-to-consumer to securing-linux-production-environments transition may seem like a big jump, but all it took was a call from Capsule8’s CFO to convince King otherwise. 

“The company that I was working for at the time announced they were merging with a larger player in the space. Around that same time, Scott Kenerly, CFO, reached out to discuss opportunities at Capsule8. I took the call because I knew the co-founders and was conflicted with my situation. On one hand, I was curious and wanted to stay to see how the merger played out. On the other hand, this was my third merger/acquisition and I was very concerned about a possibility of a layoff. It took several more conversations and a few months to convince me to join Capsule8. As I said, I was conflicted.”

Well, what changed her mind?  

“Through the follow-up conversations, I was able to uncover answers to things that were important to me – work/life balance and flexibility. As a working mother, I wanted to find a company that recognizes I’m still a mother, among other things, in addition to being an employee. What gave me comfort and ultimately propelled me toward Capsule8 was a conversation I had with John Veiga, CEO. He told me about his vision for the company, the potential for my role, and his upcoming vacation. What resonated and stuck with me the most was why he was taking time off. He was doing it so he could help his daughter move into college. We spent some time talking about our families and how our children grow up so darn fast.”

Lucky for us, King took on the charge and is helping build the HR department for Capsule8 from the ground up, which is not a task that she takes lightly. She is responsible for everything from managing our immigration process to designing a new leveling framework, and everything in between.

When I was offered the opportunity to lead and build an HR department for Capsule8, I was elated and terrified. There’s something intimidating about being the first (of anything) regardless of your experience. There isn’t a roadmap or existing strategy that you can pick up, analyze and execute on. While it was unnerving at times, I have grown so much as a professional and learned a lot about myself.” 

When she’s not at the office, some of King’s favorite hobbies are traveling and photography. 

“In the last five years, my family and I have travelled across fourteen different countries. From swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland to giving alms in Laos, and island hopping in Greece to eating tagine in Morocco

She strongly believes that life’s greatest lessons are best learned through experiences as it shapes the way we view the world. And we are so grateful to King for sharing her experiences with us and helping shape everything that is Capsule8. 

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