Search No Further: Capsule8 Supports Google Cloud Security Command Center with Security Partner Integration

Today is another big day for Capsule8. We officially announced that we are included as a Security Partner Integration within the newly launched Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). The Cloud SCC made a huge splash last week at Google Next, when it was made generally available as a security and data risk platform to help security teams prevent, detect, and respond to threats from a single pane of glass.

Our job for Cloud SCC users is to provide run-time protection across their production environments through the GCP Marketplace. You can read more about security integrations of the Cloud SCC in Google’s post here.

The Capsule8 integration with Google delivers continuous security across Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments to detect and help shut down attacks as they happen. Capsule8 runs entirely in the customer’s Google Compute Engine environment and only requires a lightweight installation-free agent running on each Google Compute Engine (GCE) to stream behavioral telemetry to identify and help shut down attacks in real-time.

Capsule8 integrates with the GCP Cloud Storage bucket serving as a staging area for access by other tools; with Google Cloud Functions as an entree into serverless computing as well as with Google Security Command Center for centralized alert management. Each of these enhances visibility into our customers’ data, and extends the ways in which they can be digested.

Additionally, Capsule8 can be installed via a Helm chart to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for a one-command installation. For Google Kubernetes Engine users that do not use Helm, Kubernetes manifests are provided for manual customization and installation.

For more information on Capsule8’s integration with GCP, please visit: