Capsule8 Update

While we are primarily heads down on development, there has been lots of activity at Capsule8 HQ.

Public Launch
In February, we announced a $2.5M seed round, led by Bessemer Venture Partners. We had brief funding mentions in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Business Journal. We got more substantial coverage from the industry, including Devops Digest, eSecurityPlanet, App Developer Magazine, VMBlog and Linux Insider. Ed Amoroso (former CISO for AT+T) also visited us leading up to the launch, and then wrote a great blog post about us.

Team News
Dino has been talking a lot about security concerns for infrastructure and containerization. That includes a podcast for ThreatPost, and for Help Net Security. He also was on a panel at the Container Security Summit, and gave a well-received lightning talk at the NYC Kubernetes meet-up.

We also published an article at, about how threat protection appliances don’t work well, and are only going to get worse.

Our early release program is going very well, and we’ve got some exciting updates that we’re looking forward to sharing soon!