Capsule8 Scores $6 Million More in Funding

With near limitless computing power at our fingertips, we’re undergoing enormous changes in the enterprise that are making it possible to bring new ideas to market fast and respond to customer demand at a pace never before possible. This new cloud-native world, defined by containers, devops, continuous delivery methods and microservices, has the potential to change the way business gets done in so many positive ways – yet if we can’t secure it, we risk creating bigger problems than ever before.

The truth is that the security industry has been iterating on the same fundamental ideas for dealing with attackers for the last two decades. Security appliances will soon meet their inevitable end (despite what their makers may say) simply out of necessity and wholesale new approaches will replace them. Approaches that don’t just protect against potential threats, but rather identify attacks with certainty and disrupt them before they take hold. That’s what we are all about.  

Capsule8 was founded less than a year ago to help usher in the new era of cybersecurity designed specifically to secure the cloud-native world by automatically disrupting attacks in real time and actually shutting them down. We raised $2.5 million in a seed round and today we announce that we are adding $6 million in a Series A round from Bessemer, ClearSky and industry icons including former RSA Chairman Art Coviello. Art and Jay Leek of ClearSky will join me and Bessemer’s Bob Goodman on the Capsule8 board of directors.

When we went out to raise our round, we were blown away by the positive reception to our idea and the overwhelming response of investors. We received an equally positive response from early customers, representing  some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, who understood our vision and came on to help us fuel our mission. We are moving fast. We now have more than 20 employees in Brooklyn and are continuing to grow our team – adding developers, data scientists, UX specialists, marketing and sales staff to deliver the best solution we possibly can.

I offer a sincere thank you to our investors for their confidence in us, to our customers who are betting on us to make them better, and the incredible team here at Capsule8 who have many career options and decided to invest their time and talent here.

Now back to work! Keep an eye out for more big news to come. And please if you are passionate about changing the way we secure this cloud-native computing era, come join us. There’s lots to do – and we’re going to make it happen.